bandslash fanfic porn

have you ever wondered what goes on backstage with your favourite male band members? I havent, but friend-of-poptunes Lucy has. so-much-co she got featured in this weeks NME (stay tuned for a whole ‘nother rant about this.. but that can wait)… she spends far too much time reading and writing about indieboys and them getting it on with one another.
lucy fanslash

think i may have to go find me some featuring lisa scott-lee, rachel stevens, lindsay lohan, and all of girls aloud in some sort of custard-filled lezzo goofest. (yes, ill even let ginger nicola join in the fun if she wants to)

click the link if you want to read the whole article

sugababes v3.0 version of red dress

red dress sleeve

better than the original? not really.

much different? apart from emmamelle’s pronunciation of “cooler” at the start of the song, there isnt *that* much difference.

does it signal the end of the ‘babes? god no! this is possibly their finest song to date, with any luck v3.0 will be around for at least another album or two

this song is one of the best pop songs of 2006. i guarantee it will still be one of the best by the end of the year. like “push the button” was one of the best singles in 2005.

lets see if Girls Aloud can compete (i like “whole lotta history”, but its no “red dress” beater!)… i do hope they try 🙂

Pete Doherty – Talentless Skag Head or Musical Icon?

Mr Angry, like, innit?

Do you know what’s really pissing me off at the moment? Pete fucking Doherty, that’s what.

Okay, maybe I shouldn’t be so harsh on the sad little skag-head…it’s not his fault he’s acting like a total cunt, the sorta filth he’s been doing recently does that shit to you. And, no, I’m not just talking about the drugs here..getting up on stage with Elton John at Live8 was about as bad a judgment call as can be made and don’t even get me started on his ex-super-model-suction-pump-girlfriend.

You see, it’s not Pete Doherty, per se, that’s getting on my tits at the moment; it’s the fucking press and their insistence on reporting every little screw up that the guy makes as if we actually give a shit.

Ooo…shock-horror! Pete Doherty’s been busted with a gram of coke in his pocket.

Egads! Pete Doherty’s been done for drink driving.

Man alive! Pete Doherty didn’t turn up at court.

World To End Tomorrow! Pete Doherty didn’t turn up at a gig.

Why is none of this surprising? The guy’s a FUCKING DRUG ADDICT!!! The sooner the music press get their tiny heads around this, obviously difficult to deal with, fact and get on with writing about music and other vaguely related items our lives will be a whole lot more bearable and Pete Doherty can rot away in a cell somewhere in a modicum of peace and quiet.

For fuck’s sake…the press didn’t even cotton on to the the fact that no one’s interested when they ran a story on how hardly anyone turned up outside the courts to see him on one of his recent appearances. Can the clues be any more obvious? Come on, guys…

The final straw in this for me was after hearing on the radio (6music are the worst offenders for ambulance chasing Doherty’s car-crash life) day after day, for about a week, that he had failed to turn up to the previous night’s show. Then over the weekend he actually did turn up for a show at the Rescue Rooms in Nottingham (admittedly an hour or so late) and managed to do a whole set with his band Babyshambles (I feel for those guys, I really do). Did it get reported anywhere? Did it even receive a review in the mainstream press, good or bad? Did it fuck. The gutter music press hacks aren’t interested in him when he’s actually doing his job.

This is fair enough, they’re a shite band and he’s just a talentless, but lucky, junkie who somehow managed to score a decent bag of coke and a few blowjobs off Kate Moss. But it’s the press’ unfathomable self-conviction that we’re somehow interested in watching his life crash and burn in a manner Evel Kenievel would have been proud of now that his luck has run out that I’m just fed up of.

Right…that’s that little lot off my chest…I’m off to listen to Tubular Bells and hug a tree.

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january setlist

my milkman has AIDS
sat 14th january 2006

freq nasty – brooklyn to brixton
KLF – 3am eternal (live at the SSL)
helen love – does your heart go boom
apollo 440 – heart go boom
dub pistols – problem is
gerling – whos ya daddy
sugababes – red dress
girls aloud – love machine
britney spears – i love rock n roll
shakira – whenever wherever
betty boo – doin the do
kelis – millionaire
braund reynolds – rocket
sugarhill gang – apache
spencer davis group – im a man
girl talk – unstoppable
kenny rogers – just dropped in
misteeq – style
the mania – looking for a place (mcsleazy mix)
dee lite – groove is in the heart
basement jaxx – oh my gosh
kylie minogue – did it again
prodigy – climbatize
adam freeland/evil nine – heel’n’toe
lady sovereign – hoodie (basement jaxx mix)
KRS-one – sound of the police
soulwax – NY lipps
gorillaz – feel good inc
dilated peoples ft kanye west – this way
NERD – she wants to move
black eyed peas – lets get it started
audio bullys ft nancy sinatra – shot you down
boogie pimps – somebody to love
lindsay lohan – i want you to want me
ace of base – always have always will
len – kids in america
ELO – mr blue sky
natasha bedingfield – these words
busted – year 3000
mcfly – obviously
s club 7 – bring it on back
girls aloud – sound of the underground
alice deejay – better off alone
beastie boys – fight for your right to party (junkie XL mix)
michael jackson – wanna be startin something
beatmasters ft betty bee – (hey DJ) i cant
phats n small – turn around
roll deep – the avenue
kanye west – diamonds from sierra leone
house of pain – jump around
kriss kross – jump
jazzy jeff and the fresh prince – bomo! shake the room
outkast – hey ya
beyonce – crazy in love
MC Hammer – u cant touch this
vanilla ice – ice ice baby
rebel mc – street tuff
technotronic ft ya kid k – pump up the jam
NWA – straight outta compton
ODB – baby i like it raw
jurassic 5 – concrete schoolyard
wyclef – perfect gentleman
de la soul – the magic number
beats international – dub be good to me
basement jaxx – red alert
groove armada – if everybody looked the same
transplants – diamonds and guns
feeder – buck rogers
bryam adams – summer of 69
bon jovi – livin on a prayer
presidents of the USA – video killed the radio star
duran duran – white lines
the wonderstuff – size of a cow
green day – basket case
soulwax/skee lo/breeders – i wish/cannonball/eye of the tiger
chemical brothers – galvanize
prodigy – voodoo people (pendulum remix)
dolly parton – 9 to 5
proclaimers – (im ona be) 500 miles
avril – sk8er boi
e0jitz/britney/prodigy/empirion – toxic narcotic (no good for me)
lemon jelly – the fruity track
5ive – keep on movin
sugababes – push the utton
girls aloud – biology
shatner – common people
herb alpert and tijuana brass – spanish flea
take that – never forget
shatner – if i had a hammer

my milkman has AIDS flyer