RIP the faders…

but welcome, new solo artist Molly Mcqueen!

the faders’ album was ace. proper throwaway girlpunkpop at its finest. wonder if her solo album will be new stuff or rehashes of the faders album (which never actually made it to the UK. If i remember correctly, it only came out in asia)

Hey, I’m Molly McQueen. You may remember me from The Faders! We were a 3 piece all girl pop/punk/rock band. I was the lead singer and guitarist. I had an amazing couple of years with the girls. We did so many things. We shot our first video in L.A, performed on Top of the Pops, appeared in an American tv series called “Veronica Mars”+ toured with Kelly Clarkson around the UK and about thousand other things, but those were the highlights! We have now decided to go and do other things. We are all still mates, but just doing stuff a different way now! The New Uma Thurman movie “My Super Ex Girlfriend” decided they wanted to use No Sleep Tonight which was a single for The Faders in their movie. As we had split up by then + all doing other things, we all decided that it would be cool for me to do it as a solo artist. So… here I am! I am writing + recording my album material as I speak. I hope that you will all enjoy it and that all The Faders fans will support me and Toy and Cherisse in the future. You all mean so much to us! As for new fans… welcome to the madness!! You’re in for a rollercoaster ride.

popjustice asked molly why, heres her reply…

1) “The song is in an amazing new movie “My Super Ex Girlfriend” starring Uma Thurman, Luke Wilson and Eddie Izzard – what a legend.”

2) “I think it’s a brilliant track and I did sing it the first time round! Plus “The Faders” had already split up and Cherisse and Toy are fine about it. We didn’t want some other bugger recording and releasing it!”

3) “The song has been picked up by loads of people including “ROKR/Cingular Wireless” in the USA for a massive phone advert.”

4) “Since its release the track also been used as the opening song in the movie “She’s The Man”, plus it’s been played on “Sugar Rush” on Channel 4. I even appear in an upcoming episode of US TV show “Veronica Mars” singing the song!”

5) “I think it would be silly not to take the opportunity to release it again and help launch my solo career!”

if you have any other questions for molly, please direct them towards her myspaz page

pop night this saturday

its going to be a strange one this month, as most of the students have gone home, but hopefully it means a slightly older crowd will be in, and enjoying the crap i play.

talking of playlists, i’m thinking of going on a real oldskool tip… sticking mostly to late 80s-mid 90s indiepop, rave, dance and cheese (think black box, bomb the bass, old prodigy, stone roses, charlatans, and god knows what)

anybody got any thoughts on what i should play this week?

saturday – red room (rescue rooms). free entry before 10:15. otherwise its £5/6ish. plus all the usual goings off in the other rooms.

see you there?