Singles of the Year ? (Part 2)

The Milkman has already put his favourites up, so in true poptunes style, I’m going to copy him. Here are my singles/albums of the year so far…

‘Banlieue 13’ by Da Octopusss from the Banlieue 13/District 13 soundtrack. The rest of the album is a load of French R&B and hip-hop. Depends what you like. This one’s an electro-breakbeat stomper !

‘Alright, Still’ by Lily Allen. Brilliant album remeniscent of The Streets, not a bad track on there. Criminally overlooked in the ’06 Mercury Awards.

‘Woman’ by Wolfmother. Band of the year by a country mile. Proper old-school psychedelic rock from this young Australian three-piece. Awesome live too.

‘Voodoo Child’ by Rogue Traders. Standout track and first single from a weak album. Yet another Neighbour strikes pop gold.

‘Kick Push’ by Lupe Fiasco. One of the best hip-hop tunes I’ve heard since Skee-Lo’s ‘I Wish’.

‘Black Holes and Revalations’ by Muse. A total choice cop-out, I know, but a great album and got me back into listening to Muse. Get hold of the Soulwax remix of ‘Muscle Museum’ if you can. Not on this album, but electro-pop genius anyway.

The Richard X remix of ‘Only’ by Nine Inch Nails. Both Trent and Richard X are geniuses. NIN’s recent album is a bit ‘I’ve got a girlfriend and loads of cash so I’ll make a happy album’ but he can be forgiven for that, and Richard X can do no wrong. Everything he touches is pop gold. Even the slightly dodgy version of ‘Walk On By’ featuring the vocal talents of Deborah Evans-Strickland from 80’s one-hit-wonders The Flying Lizards is a huge grower.

The Speedball Mix of Therapy’s ‘Cocaine Eyes’. Not actually released, but remixed for Therapy by a mate of mine, DJ Razorcuts, who has also done an awesome mix for US electro-pop songstress, Ghhrfy.

Other honorable mentions should include the new Cut Chemist album, which I’ve posted about here previously, and also the two new Mike Patton Projects, General Patton vs The X-Ecutioners and Peeping Tom which, as you would expect from Mike Patton, range from the awesome right through the musical spectrum to the downright barmy.

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For Mash Get Smash

I spent last night surfing the internet for ‘Mash-Ups’. I don’t remember what sparked this off, although I think it was probably down to the StumbleUpon plugin for the Mozilla Firefox web browser. Whatever the reason, I came across loads and loads of remixes and bootlegs ranging from genius to downright average.

A lot of people will be familiar with The Legion of Doom. Their bio is available here so I won’t go into too much detail, apart from the fact that their work consists of the near legendary emo/rock bootleg remix album ‘Incorporated’ and their contributions to the ‘Saw’ and ‘Underworld: Evolution’ soundtracks. This was what got me into the evil and time-consuming world of internet bootlegs, and every now and then, I spend an evening falling deeper and deeper down this hole. ‘Incorporated’ is well worth a listen, featuring artists such as ‘My Chemical Romance’, ‘Atreyu’, ‘Funeral for a Friend’, Coheed and Cambria’ and ‘KRS-1′. Even if you’re not necessarily a fan of the ’emo’ genre (which I’m not), it is entertaining listening from a technical perspective.

There are a number of projects out there, seemingly featuring the same mashup mafia on the production side, remixing albums by Arctic Monkeys, Rage Against The Machine, Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy, Depeche Mode, Portishead and Green Day. There are also some semi-official albums that are actually commercially available, such as ‘London Booted’, a Clash remix album (or ‘Clash-up’), procedes from which go to charity.

One of the best sites I’ve found is that of DJ Tripp. There are loads of links to all the best sites in the mashup scene, mainly around the San Francisco area, which is where the best bootlegs seem to hail from. If you’re new to the mashup scene, this is an excellent place to start (also an excellent place to get free tunes – free stuff=good).

Best mashups found so far (in no particular order) are:

1. Behind These Cannonball Eyes (Kelly Clarkson vs The Breeders) –

2. Gnarls Barkley vs. Donna Summer – I Feel Crazy – Party Ben.

3. Torero – Let The Shadows Play (Shannon Vs. The Rasmus) – Torero.

4. Crazy Adidas (Buckcherry vs Run DMC vs ACDC vs Black Crows) – c.h.a.o.s. productions.

5. Love Will Tear You Apart (She Wants Originality) (She Wants Revenge vs Joy Division vs Bauhaus) –

6. DJMaXEntropy – Beastie Boys Spittin (The Beastie Boys vs The Prodigy) – DJ Max Entropy.

…and the best sites so far are:

1. DJ Tripp

2. MashCulture

3. Mashup of the Week Podcast

4. Party Ben

Type ‘mashup’ in Google and find some for yourself. There are thousands out there. Post your findings here and spread the love of mashups back to us here at PopTunes.



someone needs to tell fergie its TOWER bridge

fergie on so-called london bridge

just saw the video. silly cow, surely someone must have mentioned to her when making the video that its not actually london bridge? the video would be a lot more boring, but at least it wouldnt have a complete nation (the UK, not those silly ‘merkans who actually think it IS london bridge) thinking that the silly old bint from BEP doesnt know shit about bridges.

In other news, the lass from evanescence is looking quite cute in the new video, shame the band/song is dogshit.

august setlist

my milkman has AIDS
12th august 2006

jamie t – sheila
plan b – no good
coldcut ft roots manuva – true skool
lupe fiasco ft jill scott – daydream
ice cube – bop gun (one nation)
jay z – big pimpin
ODB – build me up
black eyed peas – lets get retarded
beyonce – check on it
christina milian – say i
justin – sexyback
neneh cherry – buffalo stance
the similou – all this love
justice vs simian – we are your friends
rachel stevens – i said never again (but here we are)
goldfrapp – strict machine
nelly furtado – promiscuous
outkast – ms jackson
dilated peoples – this way (ft kanye west)
sugarhill gang – apache
rogue traders – voodoo child
paul oakenfold – faster kill pussycat
bodyrockers – i like the way you move
deep dish – flashdance
chemical brothers – galvanize
fatboy slim – gangster trippin
mylo – drop the pressure
girls aloud – sound of the underground
sugababes – push the button
black eyed peas – pump it
kelly clarkson – since u’ve been gone
gorillaz – feel good inc
basement jaxx – red alert (jaxx radio edit)
justin timberlake – sexyback
nelly furtado – maneater
alesha dixon – lipstick
xtina – lipstick
kanye west – touch the sky
gnarls barley – smiley faces
ll cool j ft j-lo – control myself
beyonce – check on it
kelis – millionaire
rihanna – SOS
outkast – roses
lily allen – smile
spice girls – stop
dolly parton – 9 to 5
soundhog/stevie wonder/destinys child – superstition bootylicious
salt n pepa – push it
blackstreet – no diggity
soulwax – NY Lipps
take that – it only takes a minute
5ive – keep on moving
jazzy jeff and the fresh prince – boom! shake the room
pj and duncan – les get ready to rhumble
betty boo – doin the do
rob n raz – got to get
rebel mc – street tuff
vanilla ice – ice ice baby
mc hammer – u cant touch this
chaka demus and pliers – twist and shout
shaggy – mr boombastic
2 unlimited – no limit
KLF – 3am eternal
the shamen – ebeneezer goode (beat edit)
house of pain – jump around
run dmc/aerosmith – walk this way
prodigy – voodoo people (pendulum mix)
beastie boys – fight for your right
primal scream – loaded
s club 7 – bring it on back
sugababes – red dress
girls aloud – biology
take that – never forget
shatner – common people
the goops – build me up buttercup
prodigy – firestarter
lindsay lohan – i want you to want me
herb alpert and tijuana brass – spanish flea
alan hawkshaw – grange hill theme


have you heard the new rho-nan single?

its a cover of “iris” by the goo goo dolls.


rho-nan must be destroyed. he is the oldest 23 year old on the planet

singles of the year?

current favourite songs of 2006. I may add a few more at some point (i’m bound to have forgotten some), but here are my current contenders for single of the year… in no particular order:

alesha – lipstick (could this be one of the greatest albums of 2006? I cant wait for it to leak!)
justin timberlake – sexyback (Al Machine, you’re *wrong* this is the best thing he has ever done!)
paris hilton – stars are blind (yes, it sounds like “kingston town” crossed with the ricky-from-eastenders single, but who cares? its fab! and i *really* wanted to hate it)
jamie t – sheila (comedy chav-streets-alike with an absolute cracker of a tune)
pink – u and ur hand (radio mix or the bimbo jones mix depending on where you are listening to it)
rogue traders – voodoo child (izzy from neighbours does this years flashdance/i like the way you move)
xtina – aint no other man (for some reason it keeps coming on the radio/stereo and gets stuck in me and my girlfriends heads all day long)
nelly furtado – maneater (again, al – youre wrong. i was bigging this up back in january or so!)
lily allen – smile (starting to get sick of it now it went to no 1, but its still a great debut single)
christina milian – say i (i love big production like this. i’m a sucker for that sort of sample)
rihanna – SOS (again, something i was playing long before radio caught up and kinda killed its appeal. its still a great floorfiller though)
jurassic 5 – get it together (storming album track, if this isnt a single, theres no sanity in music)
wigwam – wigwam – betty boo and that geezer from blur in a comeback that was so spectacularly disappointing (sales/presswise) that i wouldnt be surprised if they disappear again. which is a BIGSHAME!
rachel stevens – i said never again (but here we are) – ace. just ace. thats all you need to know!
sugababes – red dress (didnt have quite the impact i thought it would on the charts. possibly due to the delay in releasing it due to mutya leaving and amelle re-recording it. ah well, its still fantastic!)

shout outs to the I Monster-ripping “daydream” off the new Lupe Fiasco album and “we are your friends” by justice vs simian. I want to put it in this years list, but seeing as ive been playing it for over two years, im not going to bother.

Last Night 2 DJ’s Saved My Life…

Not entirely true. I don’t think a DJ could ever save my life, but it’s a nice idea and an all time awesome tune (Indeep, 1982). In this case, the title is more misleading than ever as I am referring to the near fatal decision to give it all up. Trying to become a DJ again that is.

Some months ago, whilst shopping in Nottingham, I wandered into Fopp on Queen Street. I often go in there for cheap DVD’s, but for some reason I thought ‘no DVD’s for me today, I’ll buy a couple of CD’s instead’. Now I hadn’t bought much music for while at this point as it was much easier (not to mention free-er) to steal it off mates and the world-wide web of peer-to-peer downloading. Now I don’t advocate illegal downloading (ahem), but I don’t feel so bad about it, having paid my dues to the recording industry in the shape of around two and a half thousand pieces of vinyl that constantly threaten to invade my living room from their tactical position in the spare room upstairs. Hold out floorboards, hold out.

Back on topic. At the back of the store is a section on ‘dance music’. Mostly filled with CD’s by artists with names like ‘Flugzeug Paraphenalia’, ‘Octopus Defamation Syndrome’ and ‘Agog’. Mostly stuff I have never heard of and have no need to know about – no-one really needed Lou Reeds original ‘Metal Machine Music’, let alone variations on the theme. I had no idea what I was actually looking for but knew that these were not it. What did catch my eye was the bright yellow sidebar next to the picture of a breakdancer in textbook ‘Streetsounds’ corporate style. An electro CD. Cool, and only a fiver. Bargain. Close by, was another CD that caught my eye, mainly for the sidebar that informed me of a one hour mix of 45 tracks. Being a proper, turntables DJ myself, I realised that 45 tracks in an hour is pretty hectic. My old ‘one side of a C90’ mixes had maybe fifteen tracks on, so three times that many is going some. Looking on the back of the CD, I found lots of records I had never heard of side by side with tunes I never expected to see. 10cc, Lords of Acid, Dolly Parton, The Cramps, Lil’ Louis, Felix The Housecat, they’re all there. I later found out that it was put together on a laptop, as is the way of things these days, but that’s not the point. The CD was ‘As Heard on Radio Soulwax Volume 2’ by 2 Many DJ’s and it changed my life.

To cut a long story short, I took this and the Electro CD to the counter, paid up my fifteen quid and left. When I got home, the CD went on. From that point on, over the next hour, I sat watching my laptop where the CD was playing in a mixed state between elation and devastation, one minute shaking my head in disbelief, the next grinning like an idiot as the boys from Belgium made me realise what a fat handed, unimaginative mook I am with regards to beatmixing and putting a DJ set together. If I had been fully invested in deejaying, I would have stopped there and then, sold my turntables, mixer and record collection and moved to a cave in the Peak District. No point, no future. 2 Many DJ’s are the only deckspinners you’ll ever need. If I were hosting a celebrity launch party/after party/premier tomorrow, I’d hire 2 Many DJ’s. If you don’t dance to them, you’re dead.

What sets them apart from most other mix sets is how the records overlap. They make the best use of instrumentals and acapellas that I’ve ever heard. There will be one instrumental playing, with the vocal from another track over the top, then they’ll beatmix in another instrumental while the vocal is still going, then mix the whole lot into something else. The concentration and skill needed to do that on turntables is immense, I sometimes struggle with the whole plate-spinning fiasco of mixing two records, let alone three or four with overdubs, samples, loops etc.. As I said before, it’s all done with the smoke and mirrors of computer witchcraft, but I would imagine that they do something similar live, there being two of them and all. It is also worthy of note, as I found out while listening to their various mixes, that I had already experienced their work without realising it. Many of the bootlegs on the internet (I hate the term ‘mash-up’) are the work of theses boys, most notable, the Destinys Child-over-Teen-Spirit track that has been doing the rounds (‘destiny’s child vs. nirvana – smells like booty (soulwax remix)’ to give it it’s full title). You have probably already heard 2 Many DJ’s even though you don’t know it. A beautiful example of online viral marketing, whether they meant to or not is another question.

This CD is great enough, but to find out that there are thirty or so others on their site at is pretty amazing. I haven’t listened to all of them yet, but I will, I am also not going to go into their resume here as it is already well documented on the aforementioned website and would be a waste of your time and mine to repeat it here. The other facet to Stephen and David Dewaele is their band ‘Soulwax’. The fact that they are conventional, dare I say ‘proper’ musicians, does nothing to detract from their genius and goes some way to explaining their musical and technical acumen when it comes to the art of the DJ set. I might add at this point that Soulwax are also bloody good, part of this wonderful new wave revival of pseudo-80’s synth pop acts like Ladytron, The Presets and Goldfrapp.

Before anyone starts on at me about the whole history of hip-hop, DJ Cool Herc and his block parties, Afrika Bambaataa, Grandmaster Flash and so on, I acknowledge and very much respect their work, but Coldcut, as far as I am concerned, started this current runaway train of party-time genre-negligence with their immortal ’70 Minutes of Madness’ CD. Liam Howlett from The Prodigy made a valiant attempt with his ‘Dirt Chamber Sessions’ but 2 Many DJ’s have perfected the art of the mix CD by having no shame or musical snobbery. They play tracks without prejudice, purely because they sound good. That is the way things should be. God bless them, and all who sail in them.


OKGo’s new exercise regime

OKGo Official WebsiteCurrently doing the rounds on the internet is the new video from indie-pop kids OKGo. I know very little about them, but they’re worth a look purely for this video to their new single ‘Here It Goes Again’. You can see the video on the OKGo website, also like everyone else in the world these days, the band also has a MySpace site. Check it out, listen to their music, be their friend, yada yada. Most of all, watch the video so you can talk to your mates about it down the pub and not be a total social outcast.