Emo: what’s that all about then ?

Emo seems to have been around for a while, I mean Bullet for my Valentine, My Chemical Romance, Lost Prophets and all those other crappy pseudo-metal/pseudo-pun bands that appeal to whining teenagers and students whose parents won’t buy them a pony. I don’t get it. Hopefully, it’s because it is in fact, just another stupid teen genre created by record labels and not the fact that I’m getting old and have seen countless NME-labelled musical sub-genres over the years that have lasted barely long enough for the t-shirt to fade.

I think it’s getting harder and harder to rebel as teenagers because everything has been done before. Over the years, kids have taken harder and harder drugs, watched more and more violent movies and listend to increasingly offensive lyrics backed by ever louder and more cacophonic music. Teenagers these days are the children of people my age who have done all of this already. Parents in their thirties these days are more liberal and open than ever, what chance do the kids have of offending their parents. Eyeliner, stupid hair and a t-shirt with swear words on is a bit old hat but they think they’re the first generation to do it. I’m sure I thought I was rebellious when I was that age too. I was. But so were people of my parents generation. Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, The Who – none of whom were classed as conformist or ‘safe’ by my Grandfathers generation, and to a certain extent, they still are pretty underground bands that you can hear played at alternative nights across the country.

Emo is a movement populated by a misunderstood generation. Wrong. Teenagers have never been understood better. High street shops sell clothes marketed in an emo style, Apple do emo-styled ads for iPods, every major record lable has a four piece guitar band with piercings, sleeve tattoos, skinny jeans and stripy t-shirts. No such thing as indie anymore.

It probably is because I’m getting old. I don’t like the bands. They’re too manufactured, over-produced and in-your-face marketed. Their whole lifestyle is projected at you on the point of million dollar marketing campaigns. The companies behind which know their demographic to the inch because they’ve thrown even more money at image consultants, market researchers and clever merchandisers. This is not a dynamic, spontaneous youth movement, it’s carefully constructed and executed with meticulous, painstaking care by corporations in it solely for the money.

Having said all that, the main reason I dislike emo is because of the stupid haircuts and the shit music..

Just in case you like ’emo’, here’s some links. If you don’t like ’emo’ go along and laugh.

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MMHA setlist – sept 9th 2006

My Milkman has AIDS – september 9th 2006

lupe fiasco ft jill scott – daydream
gnarls barkley – smiley faces
black eyed peas – lets get retarded
jamie t – sheila
coldcut ft roots manuva – true skool
ice cube – bop gun
jay z – big pimpin
ll cool j – mama said knock you out
jurassic 5 – get it together
coburn – we interrupt this program
frank black – hang on to your ego
len – kids in america
lindsay lohan – i want you to want me
girl talk – unstoppable
rhymefest – brand new (ft kanye west)
beyonce – check on it
kelis – millionaire
outkast – ms jackson
fergie – london bridge
justin timberlake – sexyback
nelly furtado – maneater
justice vs simian – we are your friends
the similou – all this love
basement jaxx – hush boy
daft punk  – one more time
rogue traders – voodoo child
bodyrockers – i like the way
deep dish – flashdance
paul oakenfold – faster kill pussycat
db boulevard – point of view
alice deejay – better off alone
rihanna – SOS
jamelia – beware of the dog
puretone – addicted to bass
girls aloud – sound of the underground
sugababes – push the button
shakira ft wyclef – hips dont lie
kelly clarkson – since uve been gone
mis-teeq – scandalous
rachel stevens – i said never again
goldfrapp – strict machine
spice girls – stop
take that – everyhing changes
backstreet boys – everybody
5ive – keep on movin
s club 7 – bring it on back
dolly parton – 9 to 5
gorillaz – feel good inc
pj and duncan – lets get ready to rhumble
jazzy jeff and te fresh prince – boom! shake the room
house of pain – jump around
snoop dogg – who am i?
nwa – express yourself
kanye west – gold digger
blackstreet – no diggity
wu tang ft ODB – baby i like it raw
KRS one – sound of da  police
tag team – whoomp! there it is
adam f ft redman – smash sumthing
NERD – lapdance
jurassic 5 – concrete schoolyard
de la soul – the magic number
NWA – straight outta compton
public enemy – dont believe the hype
dilated peoples – this way (ft kanye west)
salt n pepa – push it
neneh cherry – buffalo stance
technotronic – pump up the jam
betty boo – hey dj i cant dance) to that music youre playing
rebel mc – street tuff
beats international – dub be good to me
rob n raz ft leila k – got to get
2 unlimited – no limit
la luniz – i got 5 on it
prodigy/pendulum –
arctic monkeys – sun goes down (fake id mix)
busta rhymes – fire it up
sugarhill gang – apache
shatner – common people

charlie, give up and come back to busted!

Former Busted member Charlie Simpson left the band to concentrate on his new rock outfit Fightstar; however his new record label want more of the hard selling pop. Simpson, thinking he was better then Busted, wants to create real music, so was understandably upset when Island Records informed him that they wanted a pop sound on his album. The request caused him to rip up his contract with the label and he is now thinking about leaving the UK for the emo shores of the US. According to ContactMusic he said: “Earlier this week we decided to tear up the contract. “They wanted a pop album and we didn’t. I’ve put so much into this band I don’t want to start compromising now. “We’re thinking about going to America. The market for our stuff is much bigger over there.” Give him a couple of years and he will be singing ‘Air Hostess’ and other classics again…

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a little rant about “indie”

heres a little rant i posted on a forum i use. i was replying to someone having a go at indie music (i sortof agree with them. its more their definition of indie than anything…)
the current crop of “indie” bands arent remotely indie anyway.

people class coldplay/keane/stereophics as indie. pretty much everything the NME or jo whiley says is great is automatically placed on the shitheap. (whiley goes for the coldplay end of the spectrum, nme go for the babyshambles route. both are equally as shit)

theres plenty of good indie still out there. just as there was 10/15 years ago.

britpop killed indie (and the NME) as we know it.

lets have a quick scan through my recent mp3 folders.

to me, this is indie…..

A.R.E. Weapons, buck 65, the pipettes, the delgados, ooberman, jim noir, carina round, belle and sebastian, euros childs, simian, stars, rilo kiley, hot chip, adem, roger manning jr, mew, tv on the radio, guitar, eels, flaming lips, super furries, badly drawn boy, mc lars and gerling.

at leeds last week, there were some people camped nearby with a stereo. without exception the songs they had on were everything i despise about current “indie” music. some of the songs… when taken on their own, i can live with. but in the context of all the other songs played, it was enough to make me want to kill.

they played….

Kaiser Chiefs
Franz Ferdinand
The Automatic
Maximo Park
The Futureheads
Arctic Monkeys

which is your basic nme/jo whiley definition of the current greatest indie compilations cd in the world ever (part 4)

and without doubt, the nastiest, most corporate dogshit possible.

these bands all play the V festival. theres some ACE stuff at V. moreso for me than leeds (this year at least) but there is no way i would set foot in the V arena. it will be populated by wankers. wankers who like “indie”. wankers who 5 years ago were generally known as “trendies” who went to yates’ and started fights in town centres.

these days, its cool to be into indie/rock/metal/etc. and not cool to be into pop. its just the marketing people telling you what to do, just as they were doing 5 years ago.

people need to do what i do. realise that the killers are a shit shed 7 tribute act, that the kaiser chiefs are shit (they are the menswe@r of the 2000s) and that the only thing to do is avoid these publications/people and actually go listen to WHAT YOU WANT. dont dismiss something because it doesnt fit into genres. so what if its pop? i would rather have busted’s album on my shelf than franz fucking ferdinand. take sandi thom for example. she is the perfect example of marketing gone bad. yet people still bought into it. these people are idiots. whereas someone like nerina pallot has been doing the rounds for 5 years now, and only just starting to get the recognition she deserves (a year and a half after her second album was actually released, no less!)

stop buying into a style because “its cool”. its not. follow your heart. stop trying to fit in. do/wear/listen to something because YOU like it. not because some style guide tells you to.

but most of all, stop buying the NME. hit them where it hurts.

oops. i kinda went off on one, didnt i?