sugababes – good to be gone

is it just me, or does “good to be gone” sound like rachel stevens doing goldfrapp?

(in no way is this a bad thing!)

in other news, has anyone else noticed the similarity between take that’s new song “patience” and the song by Nerina Pallot of the same name?

anyone wanna place a bet?

girls aloud for christmas number one with “i think we’re alone now”??? (yes, the same song tiffany covered in the 80s!)
its corking. it its not number one, then theres no justice.

this has been a public service announcement on behalf of the “get GA to number one for xmas” campaign.

Pop! Justice (100% Solid Pop Music)

i love popjustice. they have a very similar taste in music to me.

they have an album out. its got loads of cool stuff on it. my copy arrived today. its got the demo version of girls aloud’s “love machine”

its freaky hearing it. same tune, similar lyrics, but different enough to be a little freaky.

some of you alternative types may remember “the perfect crime” by faith no more off the bill and ted soundtrack?
that was a re-working of a song they did for a karrang flexi disc (remember those?) called sweet emotion. from what i can gather, sweet emotion was recorded as part of the same sessions as the real thing, and then they re-recorded it (with completely different vocals) for (i think) the same session that “the cowboy song” came from.

anyway. love machine. same song, different lyrics. mostly. top stuff!
(for those of you who write off pop music, this compilation has the likes of ladytron, the automatic, justice vs simian and client on it as well as the obligatory GA/sugababes/rihanna/aleesha/etc. check it out, it really is ace!)

go check it out…. 

missing sugababes singles….

The new sugababes greatest hits album is *amazing*

shame its a greatest hits really. even the two new songs are both good singles. ‘so good to be gone’ sounds a bit like a rachel stevens disco stomper.
‘New Year’, ‘Soul Sound’, ‘Angels With Dirty Faces’ (which was a double A-side with ‘Stronger’) and ‘Follow Me Home’ are all missing.

WTF?!?!?!?! – two of them there songs are two of the best singles they have ever done! new year and soul sound are just beautiful.

the worst thing about it? the album is only 58 minutes long. that leaves approximately 22 minutes of free space on an 80 minute CD or 16 minutes on a “normal” 74 minute CD…

track lengths are as follows:

new year – 3:50
soul sound – 4:30
angels with dirty faces – 3:47
follow me home – 3:58

thats a total of 16 minutes and 5 seconds. i think we can stretch a 74 minute CD by 5 seconds without causing too much incompatibilty with audio cd players (seeing as pretty much all will play the 80 minute CDR variants)

so, again, i ask WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!
what were the record company thinking? maybe it’s something to do with them moving from London records to Island? If this is the case, why are ‘Overload’ and ‘Run for cover’ included on the CD?

I just don’t get it. they could have made the perfect singles collection, instead its a little bit half-arsed. It’s going to be repackaged and released in the US as the first sugababes album over there. this doesnt explain why the songs are missing though… if they wanted to trim it down so US audiences dont get bored with a 74-minute long album, then whats stopping them? they are repackaging it, why not just press it in the US and let us have the full version?

does anyone have an explanation? or at least a theory?

all saints – studio 1 (new album)

the all saints album is shaping up to be pretty good so far. not quite the girls aloud album i was hoping for, but its sounding promising so far…

‘rocksteady’ is the missing single off girls aloud’s greatest hits
‘on and on’ is a classic all saints ballad in the style of ‘pure shores’
‘scar’ sounds a little bit like ‘pon de replay’ crossed with ‘problem is’ by the dub pistols/terry hall

the album has lots of dub-influences sounds on it – especially on ‘not easy’. this can only be a good thing.

Overall, its a corking comeback album, and on first impressions, seems much better than their debut (the singles were fantastic, but the rest was mostly just filler)