Gogol Bordello – even better than turbonegro?

seriously. you have to go see this band. they are one of the best live bands i have *ever* seen. i would say even moreso than the mighty turbonegro.

the music is a sort of eastern-european folk-punk. but dont lat that put you off/scare you. its all about the live show. youll dance like an idiot whilst watching eugene hutz and his merry men stir the crowd up into a frenzy. watch as the lass with the big band drum thing sits it on top of the arms of the crowd, stands on it and gets passed around the crowd whilst banging away on the drum below, dancing and generally having a bit of a laugh.

really. you *need* to see this band.

yes, i love pop music but you should know by now that i like plenty of other stuff too. and as i said, the live experience is up there with turbonegro. and i know theres some believers when it comes to them.

try something new for a change, you might enjoy yourselves.

this has been a public information message on behalf of plugging gogol bordello, who are playing the wireless festival in london tomorrow, and rock city sometime in the near future (next month i think?)