#bringbackAIRHEAD – SPIKE Peel session tracks

After the demise of the mighty AIRHEAD back in the early 90’s, Michael and Sam (vocals and drums respectively) went off and formed a band called SPIKE. they did a Peel Session in 1994 for the much-missed Johm Peel on radio 1. But it wasnt until a couple of years ago that Marc Riley played three of the four tracks on his BBC 6music show (I was the one who requested them!)

Anyway, here they are in all their glory. all three tracks were recorded directly to PC via a Psion Wavefinder USB DAB receiver. they were originally saved in mp2 format, but i have cut the tracks down to just the intro talk and the songs and converted to mp3.

Please don’t directly link to the mp3 files, link to this post instead. That way, if they end up moving somewhere, the links will be up to date. Also, it will help other people find the songs when searching google for them if places link back to here. If you are a member of the band, or own the copyright to these long lost songs, and you dont want them up here (or want credit/etc), please get in touch via the comments section

Spike (ex. AIRHEAD) – Peel Session

Track 1 – Obsession
Track 3 – Play Away
Track 4 – Like You Do

(links updated feb 2018)

03/10/1994 – Spike

  • TX – 05/11/1994
  • Producer – Mike Robinson
  • Engineer – Lisa Softley
  • Studio – Maida Vale 4
  • Obsession
  • Love & War
  • Play Away
  • Like You Do
  • Michael Wallis (Lead vocals, Guitar)
  • Doug Hollands (Lead guitar)
  • Jason Hobart (Bass)
  • Sam Kesteven (Drums)

make sure you check AIRHEAD ONLINE for more info on the band, and the campaign to get them to re-release BOING!
There is also a twitter campaign to get the band to reform for a gig or two. Iain Lee is behind us, let’s see if we get anywhere. the hashtag you want to be looking for is #bringbackairhead