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offbeat mix cd

i made a cd for offbeat the other week.
if you got a copy, here’s what was on it…

SpongeBob & Patrick Confront the Psychic Wall of Energy – Flaming Lips
Running Away- The Polyphonic Spree
Here Comes That Day (Freelance Hellraisers Fuzzy Kerbox remix) – siouxsie sioux
Stupid Now – Bob Mould
That’s Not Really Funny – Eels
Beggin – Frankie Valli and the four seasons
None shall Pass – Aesop Rock
Music Maker – MC Pitman
Gotta Work – Amerie
Shutter Buggin’ – Buck 65
Welcome To Monday – The OwlsThe Acid Test – Emma Pollock
Tits & Acid – Simian Mobile Disco
Singing Bowl – Saint Joan
The Fruit Man – Ween
Ingenting – Kent
The Heart Never Lies – Mcfly
We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off – lil chris
The Journey Continues (Vocal Club Mix) – Mark Brown ft Sarah Cracknell
Into U (featuring Jarvis Cocker) – Richard X

So there you have it. the contents of my offbeat CD. sorry it took so long to post the tracks.

singstar/guitar hero for the 2008 generation

i was just watching some music channels when i saw “elvis aint dead” by scouting for piss. it was one of those bits on the channel with the signing for the deaf people “singing”

here’s a screenshot. she looked like anne widdecombe in a freaky orange dress…
signed by the box

anyway, it got me thinking… this shit could be the new hit playstation game!

you can get eye toys/webcams for most consoles now, why not make use of them and create a singstar type game? but you arent doing the singing… you’re doing the signing! the webcam analyses your movements eyetoy-style, and you get points for making the correct hand gestures. plus you get to see yourself on the music video. not necesarily in an orange dress!

sod it, combine singstar, guitar hero, and the eyetoy, and different players could all sing, jam and sign together. its a winner, i tells thee.

oh yeah, its popnight’s second birthday this saturday (12th). rescue rooms, 10-3am. its gonna be a big one. its where all the pretty ladies come to dance. come and bogle to a nice bit of aswad*

*i dont play aswad, youll have to bogle to snoop dogg instead.

rihanna and her truly magical ass

last night, i DJed the rihanna gig at nottingham arena.

wow. it’s something else DJing to (somewhere in the region of) 10,000 people. TEN THOUSAND!

here’s how it looks when the place is empty…


heres where i was stood, stage left:


and here’s how the arena looks when it gets busy. its pretty much full apart from a few rows right at the back/top of the arena…


anyway, it seemed to go ok, i played it pretty safe (mutya&winehouse, grandmaster flash, jackson 5, the faders) but people were dancing. which is all that matters.

rihanna was great.


i spent most of the gig stood at the front, either to the side, or right up front in the pit area…


isnt that a truly magical ass?

and here she is on the video screen above my head 🙂

i “bumped” into her in the corridor backstage after the gig, and she’s quite a bit shorter than i thought she would be, but damn, what an ass. and my god, she can sing!

anyway, that was my night. how was yours?

next “normal” clubnight – rescue rooms, saturday 12th januray. its our second birthday. I’m going to try and make it a special one, if you have any thoughts on what we can do, please shout up!

FFS! RIP Popworld :(

from mediaguardian:

Channel 4 has axed T4’s flagship music show Popworld after six and a half years. Popworld – which helped launch the careers of Simon Amstell and Miquita Oliver – will end in July, according to today’s Daily Mirror.

However, Channel 4, which has a minority stake in Popworld Ltd, said it was committed to the brand and would try and develop it elsewhere.

A Channel 4 spokesman said: “Channel 4 has decided not to recommission Popworld, T4’s flagship music show for the last six years.

“The show has performed very successfully over this period but we are keen to continue to use our T4 platform as a launch pad for new music formats that reflect our audience’s tastes and the way in which they consume music.”

so thats NO pop music shows left on TV.
meh 🙁

I’m blaming this on bands like hard-fi and the twang. the show was trying to be too indie.the problem is that bands like the twang/hard-fi arent indie, they are dogshit of the highest order. keep things pop. why the fuck would you get nicky wire on to do something on the show when you could be subtly ripping the piss out of lemar or gwen stefani?

jo whiley and the twang need to pay for this NOW! OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!

how to use the Sony NW-A3000 without that godawful connect software….

*update-nov 2016* – sorry, i’ve not used my NW-A3000 in quite some time, and i’ve not tried it on anything newer than winXP (i went to macOS years ago, and only really use windows for work these days) – i’m happy to update this post if anyone has any new info/links though…

ok, I got me a Sony NWA3000 20gb mp3 player recently. I was fully aware of the horror that was the connect software that came bundled with it, and only knew about the Sonicstage software that sony were providing as a replacement. I wanted to try and find some alternatives for sonicstage. Preferably of the opensource variety… Normally this site doesn’t do geeky stuff like this, but I thought there was a distinct lack of decent articles on what to do, so publishing here was the best bet.
So what did I find?
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news from naboo…

The Boosh Night on BBC Radio 7.

The Boosh gets its own theme night on BBC7 as comedians Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding join Alex Riley. All six episodes of this award-winning comedy about two zookeepers and their strange adventures are linked by insightful interviews with the stars. Like many successful comedies, The Boosh started life on radio before transferring to television.

Saturday 18th February at 8pm

Listen with your ears!