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Where are they now? pt1 – Stakka Bo

I decided this morning that I don’t update this site nearly enough with my thoughts about music, in fact, in the last couple of years, i have hardly written about music. Finding some old reviews of mine gave me a push. I shall attempt from now on to write at least twice a week. hopefully more. Even if it is just posting classic videos, or old reviews.

Today, i plan on starting with “Here we go” by Stakka Bo. I was reminded of this the other day because i was searching for some info on the Army Of Lovers. A truly great band, and the precursor to modern “gay pop” such as Alcazar and B.W.O (both of them also being Alexander Bard projects!). Aaanyway, I discovered that La Camilla from AoL used to go out with Stakka Bo. what a fantastic, inbred little pop musical planet we live in!

So I dug out my CD Single of “Here we go” and immedaitely remembered how much I loved it at the time…

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, you can now track down old popstars and see what they are up to. This is part one of a new series of posts stalking popstars of old. (suggestions of future posts are welcome!) – Turns out it was quite easy finding old Stakka, he’s been a busy boy! Turns out I was subliminally aware of his recent work already.

“He has directed music videos for a number of artists including Kylie Minogue‘s “Love at First Sight“, All Saints‘ “Black Coffee“, Madonna‘s “Hung Up” and “Nothing Really Matters“, Robbie Williams‘s “Tripping” and “She’s Madonna“, The Libertines‘ “What Became of the Likely Lads“, Suede‘s “She’s in Fashion“, New Order‘s “Crystal“, Beyoncé Knowles‘ “Me, Myself and I“, The Knife‘s “Pass This On“, Fever Ray‘s “Seven” and Bat for Lashes‘ “Daniel“. In TV, has directed episode 205 from AMC’s “Breaking Bad””

Not only this, He has teamed up with Jonas Ackerlund to form “R.A.F.”


So there you have it. from “Here we go” to “Breaking Bad” in one easy blog post!

coming soon – Army Of Lovers, Pop! and Daphne & Celeste.

Crack Whitney vs. Liberty X

I was just reading about a new whitney houston tune called “for the lovers” and immediately wondered if it was a cover of the Liberty X song. A quick google revealed that In the 4 years since Liberty X released it, the song had changed it’s name to “song 4 lovers” (it wasn’t my mistake, they changed the song name, dammit!)

Anyway, after listening to whitney’s song, i put on the “original” version. even though it isn’t a cover, the Original Liberty X version is infinitely better. what do you think?



Liberty X

I’m glad this brought back memories of liberty X. they were mostly poor, but had a few truly great songs, this one included

#bringbackAIRHEAD – SPIKE Peel session tracks

After the demise of the mighty AIRHEAD back in the early 90’s, Michael and Sam (vocals and drums respectively) went off and formed a band called SPIKE. they did a Peel Session in 1994 for the much-missed Johm Peel on radio 1. But it wasnt until a couple of years ago that Marc Riley played three of the four tracks on his BBC 6music show (I was the one who requested them!)

Anyway, here they are in all their glory. all three tracks were recorded directly to PC via a Psion Wavefinder USB DAB receiver. they were originally saved in mp2 format, but i have cut the tracks down to just the intro talk and the songs and converted to mp3.

Please don’t directly link to the mp3 files, link to this post instead. That way, if they end up moving somewhere, the links will be up to date. Also, it will help other people find the songs when searching google for them if places link back to here. If you are a member of the band, or own the copyright to these long lost songs, and you dont want them up here (or want credit/etc), please get in touch via the comments section

Spike (ex. AIRHEAD) – Peel Session

Track 1 – Obsession
Track 3 – Play Away
Track 4 – Like You Do

(links updated feb 2018)

03/10/1994 – Spike

  • TX – 05/11/1994
  • Producer – Mike Robinson
  • Engineer – Lisa Softley
  • Studio – Maida Vale 4
  • Obsession
  • Love & War
  • Play Away
  • Like You Do
  • Michael Wallis (Lead vocals, Guitar)
  • Doug Hollands (Lead guitar)
  • Jason Hobart (Bass)
  • Sam Kesteven (Drums)

make sure you check AIRHEAD ONLINE for more info on the band, and the campaign to get them to re-release BOING!
There is also a twitter campaign to get the band to reform for a gig or two. Iain Lee is behind us, let’s see if we get anywhere. the hashtag you want to be looking for is #bringbackairhead

29p album downloads on amazon!

Amazon have a bunch of albums for only 29p! screw you itunes! 🙂

(admittedly, the selection is a bit iffy, but if you wanted a cheap copy of that james morrison album for your mum, heres a good way to get it in DRM-free mp3 format)…

Metallica – Death Magnetic

MGMT – Oracular Spectacular

King of Leon – Because of the times

The Killers – Sams Town

James Morrison – Undiscovered

99 Essential Classical

Norah Jones – Come Away With Me

Fleet Foxes – Sun giant

Blur – Parklife

Hannah Montana

Marilyn Manson – Lest We Forget (the Best Of)

Abba – Gold (Greatest Hits)

Led Zeppelin – Mothership

Coldplay – Viva la Vida

Cadillac Records OST

Madness – Complete

Fleetwood Mac – Rumours

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Best of

Black Sabbath – sabbath bloody sabbath

Prince – Ultimate

Placebo – S/T anniversary edition

Moby – 18

Bruce Springsteen – Born to Run

Angels and Demons OST

Iron Maiden – Iron Maiden

Calvin Harris – I Created Disco

Pet shop boys – hits (2disc)

mmmha! setlist – red room – sat 2nd may 2009

red room – sat 2nd may 2009


easy star allstars – sgt peppers lonely hearts dub band
rudenko – everybody
basement jaxx – raindrops
passion pit – the reeling
peaches – talk to me
dan le sac and scroobius pip – thou shalt always kill
i monster – a sucker for your sound
eminem – 3am
ironik – tiny dancer
ciara ft justin timberlake – love sex magic
skepta – rolex sweep
wiley – wearing my rolex
n-dubz – strong again
chipmunk – chip diddy chip
dizzee rascal – bonkers
passion pit – sleepyhead
frankmusik – 3 little words
alphabeat – fascination
yeah yeah yeahs – heads will roll
noisettes – dont forget the rhythm
santogold – say aha
the vines – hes a rocker
the avalanches – since i left you
eminem – we made you
the BPA – toe jam ft david byrne and dizzee rascal
mystikal – shake ya ass
lil wayne – mr carter
P Diddy & the bad boy family – bad boy for life
outkast – roses
kelis ft andre 3000 – millionaire
kanye west ft jamie foxx – gold digger
beyonce – ch check on it (ft slim thug)
N.E.R.D – lapdance
3oh!3 – punk bitch
pharoahe monch – simon says
wu tang clan – gravel pit
beastie boys – intergalactic
snoop dogg – who am i
tupac ft dr dre – california love
notorious B.I.G – notorious BIG (ft lil kim and puff daddy)
busta rhymes – turn it up (fire it up)
dj kool – let me clear my throat
adam f ft redman – smash sumthin
M.O.P – ante up
house of pain – jump around
NERD – she wants to move
rhymefest ft ODB – build me up
eminem – just lose it
dizzee rascal – bonkers
black eyed peas – boom boom pow
kid cudi – day n nite

tinchy stryder ft dappy of n-dubz – number one
wiley ft daniel merriweather – cash in my pocket
lethal bizzle – police on my back
rage against the machine – killing in the name
andrew wk – party hard
chemical brothers – galvanize
basement jaxx – wheres your head at?
prodigy/pendulum – voodoo people
arctic monkeys – sun goes down (fakeid mix)
coldcut ft roots manuva – true skool
pussycat dolls ft a r rahman – jai hol! (you are my destiny)
britney spears – do somethin
kelly clarkson – my life would suck without you
girls aloud – sound of the underground
sugababes – push the button
beyonce – single ladies (put a ring on it)
avril lavigne – sk8er boi
backstreet boys – everybody
hanson – mmmmbop!
daphne and celeste – ooh stick you!
presidents of the USA – lump
faith no more – we care a lot
dolly parton – 9 to 5
ELO – mr blue sky
ac/dc – back in black
beastie boys – fight for your right (to party)
spice girls – stop
jackson 5 – ABC
soulwax/skee-lo/survivor/breeders – eye of the tiger/cannonball
black eyed peas – pump it
nirvana – sliver
destinys child – survivor
dizzee rascal – fix up look sharp
the sugarhill gang – apache
stevie wonder – superstition
shatner – common people
alan hawkshaw – grange hill theme

the telephone voting pubic are IDIOTS!

just watched the “eurovision: your decision” (ie “you vote, so its your fault if we lose again”) show with el tel. there were some great songs this year, but the televizzle-watching public voted in their hundreds for the malteserhead (who admittedly had a very good song, just not very eurovisiontastic!) instead of the WONDERFUL michelle gayle.

wtf were they thinking? yet again theyve gone for the bland, middle of the road song instead of thinking a little bit about it and going for the one that EVERYONE, NO MATTER WHAT NATIONALITY could sing along to.

Eurovision isnt about meaningful lyrics and “local lad done good” singers, its about mentalists with annoyingly catchy songs. why the hell would estonia want to give big points to some roachford type guy singing hot chocolate/edwin starr songs with loads of words in.

words. i guess thats what it all boils down to. eurovision needs less words.

me? i think i’ll be voting for the fucking turkey at this rate. at least its original.

in other news, it’s popnight NEXT SATURDAY (8th march. 10pm-3am) – come join us, its gonna be big!

singstar/guitar hero for the 2008 generation

i was just watching some music channels when i saw “elvis aint dead” by scouting for piss. it was one of those bits on the channel with the signing for the deaf people “singing”

here’s a screenshot. she looked like anne widdecombe in a freaky orange dress…
signed by the box

anyway, it got me thinking… this shit could be the new hit playstation game!

you can get eye toys/webcams for most consoles now, why not make use of them and create a singstar type game? but you arent doing the singing… you’re doing the signing! the webcam analyses your movements eyetoy-style, and you get points for making the correct hand gestures. plus you get to see yourself on the music video. not necesarily in an orange dress!

sod it, combine singstar, guitar hero, and the eyetoy, and different players could all sing, jam and sign together. its a winner, i tells thee.

oh yeah, its popnight’s second birthday this saturday (12th). rescue rooms, 10-3am. its gonna be a big one. its where all the pretty ladies come to dance. come and bogle to a nice bit of aswad*

*i dont play aswad, youll have to bogle to snoop dogg instead.

MMHA setlist – december 22nd 2007

not a planned night, but heres the setlist anyway:

my milkman has aids – christmas special!
sat 22nd december 2007

siouxsie sioux – here comes that day (freelance hellraiser remix)
freq nasty – brooklyn to brixton
junkie xl – saturday teenage kick
bent – comin back
echoboy – automatic eyes
the postal service – the district sleeps alone tonight (dj downfall persistent beat mix)
david holmes – 69 police
4hero – les fleur
death on vegas – GBH
dub pistols ft terry hall – problem is
orbital – chime (7″ mix)
FSOL – papua new guinea (7″ mix)
four tet – as serious as your life
the cure – wrong number
robyn – konichiwa bitches
dan la sac vs scroobius pip – letter from god to man
richard x ft jarvis cocker – into you
flaming lips – the wand
joe strummer and the mescaleros – coma girl

KRS-One – sound of da police
public enemy – dont believe the hype
NWA – express yourself (remix)
naughty by nature – OPP
tupac – california love
wu tang clan – gravel pit
grandmaster flash and the sugarhill gang – apache
kanye west – touch the sky
snoop dogg ft justin timberlake – signs
jay z – 99 problems
black eyed peas – pump it

outkast – hey ya
beastie boys – fight for your right
house of pain – jump around
jurassic 5 – concrete schoolyard
dilated peoples – worst comes to worst
beyonce ft slim thug – check on it
ll cool j ft jennifer lopez – control myself
kelis – millionaire
rihanna – pon de replay
timbaland – the way i are
britney spears – piece of me
amerie – take control
girls aloud – sound of the underground
rachel stevens – i said never again (but here we are)
spice girls – stop
sugababes – about you now
take that – shine
ELO – mr blue sky
dolly parton – 9 to 5
basement jaxx – red alert
groove armada ft mutya buena – song 4 mutya
rihanna – SOS
rogue traders – voodoo child
gorillaz – feel good inc
gnarls barkley – smiley faces
amy winehouse – rehab
kanye west – touch the sky
jackson 5 – ABC
stevie wonder – superstition
outkast – ms jackson
backstreet boys – everybody
jazzy jeff and the fresh prince – boom! shake the room
five – keep on movin
pj and duncan – lets get ready to rhumble
s club 7 – dont stop movin
sugababes – push the button
reel 2 reel – i like to move it
2 unlimited – no limit
SL2 – on a ragga tip
the grid – swamp thing
rebel mc – street tuff
chemical brothers – galvanize
groove armada – if everybody looked the same
basement jaxx – wheres your head at?
prodigy – voodoo people (pendulum mix)
acrtic monkeys – sun goes down (fakeid mix)
pendulum – slam
dizzee rascal – fix up look sharp
lethal bizzle – police on my back
roots manuva – witness (1 hope)
souljaboy – crank dat (travis barker mix)
NERD – lapdance (trent reznor mix)
rage against the machine – killing in the name of (sebastian late night laptop edit)
adam f – smash sumthin (ft redman)
MOP – ante up
skeelo – i wish (soulwax/breeders mix)
rhymefest ft ODB – build me up
they might be giants – birdhouse in your soul
weird al yankovic – polkarama