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emmamelle sings live…

here is the sugababes first live performance with emmamelle. curiously they sing “push the button”, but its good enough for me, and she has a lovely smile 🙂

clicky for video from some weird foreign telly show

i wanna know whats with the cameraman zooming in on keisha during her bits, its weird and confusing. no need! he didnt do it to the other girls. Amelle seemed nervous, but then i guess thats because it was her first televised live performance, even smiley heidi seemed a bit shaky for the first few seconds.

all in all, its looking promising for sugababes v3.0

danny not to leave mcfly….

ok, so a press release has been issued to say the sun’s article about danny out of mcfly wanting out was nonce-sense.

clicky for CDUK article

what interested me mostly though was this little nugget…

2006 will see McFly star in a Hollywood movie “Just My Luck” alongside Lindsay Lohan “

new lindsay lohan movies are a big enough of a deal, but with the added bonus of mcfly? im sensing its oscar time here! woo!

sugababes v3.0 version of red dress

red dress sleeve

better than the original? not really.

much different? apart from emmamelle’s pronunciation of “cooler” at the start of the song, there isnt *that* much difference.

does it signal the end of the ‘babes? god no! this is possibly their finest song to date, with any luck v3.0 will be around for at least another album or two

this song is one of the best pop songs of 2006. i guarantee it will still be one of the best by the end of the year. like “push the button” was one of the best singles in 2005.

lets see if Girls Aloud can compete (i like “whole lotta history”, but its no “red dress” beater!)… i do hope they try 🙂