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mmmha! setlist – red room – sat 2nd may 2009

red room – sat 2nd may 2009


easy star allstars – sgt peppers lonely hearts dub band
rudenko – everybody
basement jaxx – raindrops
passion pit – the reeling
peaches – talk to me
dan le sac and scroobius pip – thou shalt always kill
i monster – a sucker for your sound
eminem – 3am
ironik – tiny dancer
ciara ft justin timberlake – love sex magic
skepta – rolex sweep
wiley – wearing my rolex
n-dubz – strong again
chipmunk – chip diddy chip
dizzee rascal – bonkers
passion pit – sleepyhead
frankmusik – 3 little words
alphabeat – fascination
yeah yeah yeahs – heads will roll
noisettes – dont forget the rhythm
santogold – say aha
the vines – hes a rocker
the avalanches – since i left you
eminem – we made you
the BPA – toe jam ft david byrne and dizzee rascal
mystikal – shake ya ass
lil wayne – mr carter
P Diddy & the bad boy family – bad boy for life
outkast – roses
kelis ft andre 3000 – millionaire
kanye west ft jamie foxx – gold digger
beyonce – ch check on it (ft slim thug)
N.E.R.D – lapdance
3oh!3 – punk bitch
pharoahe monch – simon says
wu tang clan – gravel pit
beastie boys – intergalactic
snoop dogg – who am i
tupac ft dr dre – california love
notorious B.I.G – notorious BIG (ft lil kim and puff daddy)
busta rhymes – turn it up (fire it up)
dj kool – let me clear my throat
adam f ft redman – smash sumthin
M.O.P – ante up
house of pain – jump around
NERD – she wants to move
rhymefest ft ODB – build me up
eminem – just lose it
dizzee rascal – bonkers
black eyed peas – boom boom pow
kid cudi – day n nite

tinchy stryder ft dappy of n-dubz – number one
wiley ft daniel merriweather – cash in my pocket
lethal bizzle – police on my back
rage against the machine – killing in the name
andrew wk – party hard
chemical brothers – galvanize
basement jaxx – wheres your head at?
prodigy/pendulum – voodoo people
arctic monkeys – sun goes down (fakeid mix)
coldcut ft roots manuva – true skool
pussycat dolls ft a r rahman – jai hol! (you are my destiny)
britney spears – do somethin
kelly clarkson – my life would suck without you
girls aloud – sound of the underground
sugababes – push the button
beyonce – single ladies (put a ring on it)
avril lavigne – sk8er boi
backstreet boys – everybody
hanson – mmmmbop!
daphne and celeste – ooh stick you!
presidents of the USA – lump
faith no more – we care a lot
dolly parton – 9 to 5
ELO – mr blue sky
ac/dc – back in black
beastie boys – fight for your right (to party)
spice girls – stop
jackson 5 – ABC
soulwax/skee-lo/survivor/breeders – eye of the tiger/cannonball
black eyed peas – pump it
nirvana – sliver
destinys child – survivor
dizzee rascal – fix up look sharp
the sugarhill gang – apache
stevie wonder – superstition
shatner – common people
alan hawkshaw – grange hill theme

The George Lamb Show on BBC6Music – get lamb out now!

6music logo

I’ve held off posting about this on here until now, but for the last few months on 6music have been intolerable during the day. It all started when phill jupitus left. and then vic mcglynn went to australia (it took me a while to like her, after replacing the fantastic liz kershaw. i kinda felt she was replacing someone great… but she made the show her own, and after a while, i grew to really like her show)… then finally, late last year, the wonderful Gideon Coe got shunted to the 10pm slot and was replaced by the guy in the slot he was now taking over. GEORGE LAMB. (here he is with a thoroughly unimpressed looking PJ Harvey)PJ harvey meets the lamb

I never listened to the radio after 10pm. I leave work then, so up until that point the guy was off my radar. I’d heard of him (he was manager of audio bullys and lily allen at some point) and he’d stood in for other DJs occasionally. as i say, he was off my radar. but then he got thrust into the 10am-1pm slot.

Let me just explain first how my 6music day happens… I work in an office full of geek males mostly in their late 20s-late 30s. previously, we were bored and decided to get a radio. so i brought in my psion wavefinder. see that sci-fi thing just there? thats a wavefinder. back when DAB radios were brand new, they brought this little baby out. its a USB radio that gets controlled by your PC, and you can record streams, and even stream different stations off the same multiplex using winamp or your other favourite media player. it was perfect. a highly geeky radio for a highly geeky office. we would have 6music on all day long, and if anyone didnt like that, they could always stream any of the other BBC radio channels to their PC for listening via headphones. it all worked rather well.
psion wavefinder

So, I converted the whole office over to the joys of 6music. no adverts, presenters who talked about the music, a fairly open playlist where you could just as easily hear the clash next to the polyphonic spree, followed by the KLF. it was wonderful. I’d been listening to it for years, and everyone i know who loved music as much as i did ended up going and getting a DAB radio (or listening to it online/via freeview/ntl boxes) – the station was aimed at 20-40 year old people who loved music, and was the polar opposite of radio 1 and since XFM turned to crap a few years back, was the ONLY radio station worth listening to. not only for classic old music, but good new stuff too.

OK. so we have an office full of people who had recently grown to love the station. it was being listened to from 7am to at least 10pm, sometimes it just never got turned off and nights would also listen to it.

But then late last year, Lamb got promoted to 10am replacing Gideon. ok. new presenter, new style/format/etc. fair enough. so we kept listening.

I think we lasted a few weeks into his show before we realised that it just wasnt right. the guy spent more time talking than playing records. and the chat.. oh my god, the chat! – it was nuts/zoo/etc type celebrity obsessed bloke crap of the worst sort. none of us wanted to hear what so-and-so from big brother were doing that week, and we REALLY HATED his use of soundbites and samples. SHABBA! this guy had to be heard to be believed. after a few weeks, we had started to listen to other stations more and more. but none of them were suitable… the whole office just couldnt decide on what to listen to. xfm was a shadow of it’s former self, and the other commercial stations just had too many adverts and played the same songs every couple of hours. so more often than not, the radio just wouldnt get switched on during the day. I would usually fire it up if i was on lates, so listened between 4pm and 10pm. which was still good radio… steve lamacq, marc riley, tom robinson, bobby dizzle’s theme time radio hour, there was some great music played by presenters who knew their shit, and i would still walk away with new music to check out.

But then one day, i was on the BBC6music website looking for some information, when i saw the words “HAVE YOUR SAY”… it lead me to the 6music feedback forum. at this point, i realised i wasnt alone. there were quite a few others who hated lamb’s show for exactly the same reasons, and some ingenious soul had already knocked up a petition to the controller of 6music to GET LAMB OUT. not only that, there were already over 500 signatures as well as a facebook group in which people could post links and comments that would get heavily moderated if posted to the 6music forum. the BBC forum was getting so many new threads that the moderators ended up closing them all down and creating one thread dedicated to lamb’s show. it is currently stood at 1174 posts. and the petition is at 2243 signatures. there was an increasingly large number of people who were sick of this presenter and were mad as hell, and weren’t gonna take it anymore! the bulk of us seem to have switched off, but unfortunately this happened at a time when DAB radios broke the sub £20 barrier (£10 freeview box will get you 6music, and the average DAB Radio now cost £30 compared to the £80-100 of a couple of years ago) – everyone started to buy them. especially as it was around christmas, and they made such great presents!

So yeah, listener figures went through the roof, despite loads of us “hardcore” dab listeners (i’ve been listening to the station for over 5 years now) switching off. so what now?

complain and complain and complain. slowly but surely, by flooding the BBC with complaints as well as other media sources, there are more and more articles about the unsuitability of the show, and how it just doesnt meet the remit set by the BBC when 6music was created. on top of that, controller Lesley Douglas had gone on Radio 4’s FEEDBACK program to answer us critics. what did she tell us? that he was brought in to help BRING IN MORE FEMALE LISTENERS. because they are more emotional about the music, whereas blokes want to know what hi-hat got used on the recording of “hear the drummer get wicked” by chad jackson.


yes, you heard me right. this pretty boy misogynist idiot, who “chirpses birds” is here to appeal to the ladies. because good looking people are PERFECT FOR RADIO!

As you can imagine, this was just the start of the shitstorm. complaints from disgruntled females (and males) started to flood the station. most of us were replied to with a form letter. click here to see my letter and the fob-off it received. but we seem to be making a dent. the whole thing is starting to snowball. Some fans of his (yes, there are some, who mostly seem to be either graphic designers or illiterate chav idiots) decided to counter the petition and start their own. which lamb started pleading with listeners ON AIR that he is going to get the sack and put loads of people out of jobs if he goes. sign the petition! – it’s currently at 1834 signatures. 409 behind the lamb out petition.

Let me clarify what i just said. this guy PLEADS ON-AIR to get people to sign the keeplambin petition over the course of several days (which seems to have got him in further trouble with the bosses at the beeb, whilst also showing what a truly sad and desperate idiot he is) and still gets less signatures that the lambout petition which has only had WORD OF MOUTH to support it. no promotion from the radio show (balanced coverage auntie beeb? oopsy!)

We’re now at a point where it all seems to be coming together. he’s been told off for promoting TING regularly on air, yet still gives it the odd mention, and the amount of vitriol toward the guy is astounding. but all you have to do is listen to the show for more than half an hour to see why he has pissed off so many people. he is frankly unlistenable. his show is THREE HOURS LONG. every weekday. yet he struggles to play more than 20 songs in three hours. an “average” presenter manages more than double that.


We tried constructive criticism, but did he take heed and listen to people in the FEEDBACK forum? no. if anything, he is digging his heels in and being even more stubborn/annoying. any good DJ will know when something isnt working. at first he was compared to moyles on radio 1, but now, he’s gotten so much bad publicity, that people are realising he isnt even “good” enough to be moyles’ tea-boy. he is just simply AWFUL.

I’ll leave it at this for now, but if you want to help save the only good radio station out there for people who have more than a passing interest in music, check out the facebook page for loads of links to more eloquent articles than this one, and also take a look at the 6music feedback forum for examples of other disgruntles ex-6music listeners. oh, and make sure you sign the petition!

those links again:

please. help us get this idiot off our airwaves. make the world a better place. at the moment, the idiots are winning. we need to take it back!

oh. next clubnight – sat april 12th. rescue rooms. 10pm-3am. see you there? 🙂

the telephone voting pubic are IDIOTS!

just watched the “eurovision: your decision” (ie “you vote, so its your fault if we lose again”) show with el tel. there were some great songs this year, but the televizzle-watching public voted in their hundreds for the malteserhead (who admittedly had a very good song, just not very eurovisiontastic!) instead of the WONDERFUL michelle gayle.

wtf were they thinking? yet again theyve gone for the bland, middle of the road song instead of thinking a little bit about it and going for the one that EVERYONE, NO MATTER WHAT NATIONALITY could sing along to.

Eurovision isnt about meaningful lyrics and “local lad done good” singers, its about mentalists with annoyingly catchy songs. why the hell would estonia want to give big points to some roachford type guy singing hot chocolate/edwin starr songs with loads of words in.

words. i guess thats what it all boils down to. eurovision needs less words.

me? i think i’ll be voting for the fucking turkey at this rate. at least its original.

in other news, it’s popnight NEXT SATURDAY (8th march. 10pm-3am) – come join us, its gonna be big!

FFS! RIP Popworld :(

from mediaguardian:

Channel 4 has axed T4’s flagship music show Popworld after six and a half years. Popworld – which helped launch the careers of Simon Amstell and Miquita Oliver – will end in July, according to today’s Daily Mirror.

However, Channel 4, which has a minority stake in Popworld Ltd, said it was committed to the brand and would try and develop it elsewhere.

A Channel 4 spokesman said: “Channel 4 has decided not to recommission Popworld, T4’s flagship music show for the last six years.

“The show has performed very successfully over this period but we are keen to continue to use our T4 platform as a launch pad for new music formats that reflect our audience’s tastes and the way in which they consume music.”

so thats NO pop music shows left on TV.
meh 🙁

I’m blaming this on bands like hard-fi and the twang. the show was trying to be too indie.the problem is that bands like the twang/hard-fi arent indie, they are dogshit of the highest order. keep things pop. why the fuck would you get nicky wire on to do something on the show when you could be subtly ripping the piss out of lemar or gwen stefani?

jo whiley and the twang need to pay for this NOW! OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!

missing sugababes singles….

The new sugababes greatest hits album is *amazing*

shame its a greatest hits really. even the two new songs are both good singles. ‘so good to be gone’ sounds a bit like a rachel stevens disco stomper.
‘New Year’, ‘Soul Sound’, ‘Angels With Dirty Faces’ (which was a double A-side with ‘Stronger’) and ‘Follow Me Home’ are all missing.

WTF?!?!?!?! – two of them there songs are two of the best singles they have ever done! new year and soul sound are just beautiful.

the worst thing about it? the album is only 58 minutes long. that leaves approximately 22 minutes of free space on an 80 minute CD or 16 minutes on a “normal” 74 minute CD…

track lengths are as follows:

new year – 3:50
soul sound – 4:30
angels with dirty faces – 3:47
follow me home – 3:58

thats a total of 16 minutes and 5 seconds. i think we can stretch a 74 minute CD by 5 seconds without causing too much incompatibilty with audio cd players (seeing as pretty much all will play the 80 minute CDR variants)

so, again, i ask WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!
what were the record company thinking? maybe it’s something to do with them moving from London records to Island? If this is the case, why are ‘Overload’ and ‘Run for cover’ included on the CD?

I just don’t get it. they could have made the perfect singles collection, instead its a little bit half-arsed. It’s going to be repackaged and released in the US as the first sugababes album over there. this doesnt explain why the songs are missing though… if they wanted to trim it down so US audiences dont get bored with a 74-minute long album, then whats stopping them? they are repackaging it, why not just press it in the US and let us have the full version?

does anyone have an explanation? or at least a theory?

a little rant about “indie”

heres a little rant i posted on a forum i use. i was replying to someone having a go at indie music (i sortof agree with them. its more their definition of indie than anything…)
the current crop of “indie” bands arent remotely indie anyway.

people class coldplay/keane/stereophics as indie. pretty much everything the NME or jo whiley says is great is automatically placed on the shitheap. (whiley goes for the coldplay end of the spectrum, nme go for the babyshambles route. both are equally as shit)

theres plenty of good indie still out there. just as there was 10/15 years ago.

britpop killed indie (and the NME) as we know it.

lets have a quick scan through my recent mp3 folders.

to me, this is indie…..

A.R.E. Weapons, buck 65, the pipettes, the delgados, ooberman, jim noir, carina round, belle and sebastian, euros childs, simian, stars, rilo kiley, hot chip, adem, roger manning jr, mew, tv on the radio, guitar, eels, flaming lips, super furries, badly drawn boy, mc lars and gerling.

at leeds last week, there were some people camped nearby with a stereo. without exception the songs they had on were everything i despise about current “indie” music. some of the songs… when taken on their own, i can live with. but in the context of all the other songs played, it was enough to make me want to kill.

they played….

Kaiser Chiefs
Franz Ferdinand
The Automatic
Maximo Park
The Futureheads
Arctic Monkeys

which is your basic nme/jo whiley definition of the current greatest indie compilations cd in the world ever (part 4)

and without doubt, the nastiest, most corporate dogshit possible.

these bands all play the V festival. theres some ACE stuff at V. moreso for me than leeds (this year at least) but there is no way i would set foot in the V arena. it will be populated by wankers. wankers who like “indie”. wankers who 5 years ago were generally known as “trendies” who went to yates’ and started fights in town centres.

these days, its cool to be into indie/rock/metal/etc. and not cool to be into pop. its just the marketing people telling you what to do, just as they were doing 5 years ago.

people need to do what i do. realise that the killers are a shit shed 7 tribute act, that the kaiser chiefs are shit (they are the menswe@r of the 2000s) and that the only thing to do is avoid these publications/people and actually go listen to WHAT YOU WANT. dont dismiss something because it doesnt fit into genres. so what if its pop? i would rather have busted’s album on my shelf than franz fucking ferdinand. take sandi thom for example. she is the perfect example of marketing gone bad. yet people still bought into it. these people are idiots. whereas someone like nerina pallot has been doing the rounds for 5 years now, and only just starting to get the recognition she deserves (a year and a half after her second album was actually released, no less!)

stop buying into a style because “its cool”. its not. follow your heart. stop trying to fit in. do/wear/listen to something because YOU like it. not because some style guide tells you to.

but most of all, stop buying the NME. hit them where it hurts.

oops. i kinda went off on one, didnt i?


have you heard the new rho-nan single?

its a cover of “iris” by the goo goo dolls.


rho-nan must be destroyed. he is the oldest 23 year old on the planet

why i hate myspace….

there are lots of reasons i hate myspace. yes i am a member, but it doesnt stop me from hating almost everything about it.

yes, its a repository for camwhores, goths, drama queens and spastics, and the music side of things is pretty good, but the bad points outweigh the good parts by far.

so heres a list of what is currently wrong with myspace:

  • almost everyone is “tom’s friend” which breaks the whole social networking side of things (meaning EVERYONE is in your extended network)
  • the aforementioned repository for camwhores, goths, drama queens and spastics
  • everyone and their dog has music on their pages, its not been this bad for web design since the late 90s when everyone had a bad midi file playing! or even worse… video files…. or the criminal act of SEVERAL fucking videos at once!
  • are some people blind? do they not realise that complex background images are a truly retarded idea? especially when you dont set a plain background for the text box areas. look at this example:
  • why myspace needs to die

(click for fullsize atrocity – names have been blurred out to protect the innocent)

  • band who add you because they want to plug their badly recorded dogshit at the widest possible audience. bands so terrible that if their demo cd dropped through your letterbox you would return to sender – addressee not known at this address. why in gods name would i want a black metal band adding me? its not like they read the profiles and think “ooh, he shares a lot of common interests, lets get in touch!”… no. they see i am from nottingham, and have rock city in my friendslist and decide to spam me with their shitty dirge, even though i specifically state that i dont want bands i dont know adding me unless they actually think i might like them, and if this is the case, message me first. i’m now a big fan of the DENY button. sometimes, if i am bored, i will message them back and rant. one band ended up having a nice chat with me about stuff, and eventually i added them. nice bunch of people, shame about their music.
  • i thought LJ was the place for camwhores and sulky teenagers, but myspace adds a whole new dimansion, with LJ you are fairly restricted in what you can do to your page, whereas in myspace, you can add every single item of html-breaking code you want, as well as a thousand different CPU and bandwidth-hungry little “customisations”… some pages crash my browser(s) completely, others just lock it up for long periods of time. either way, i write them off as a clueless fucking idiot who needs taking out back and shooting – i thought geocities homepages (and more recently moonfruit) were where all the kids with no clue of style and design go… these days, you are more likely to find them on myspace, thanks to the proliferation of “codes” sites that give you these processor-locking buttons, videos, memes, music, and the rest of the dogshit associated with it all.

i could carry on ranting, but its midnight, and if i dont go have a glass of wine, i fear i may turn into an angry pumpkin.


the brit awards

OK, so it was the brits last night. I wasnt expecting anything less than shit anyway, so i went to watch Final Destination 3 (much more worthy of your time than this industry circle-jerk)

but before I go do something less boring instead, I would like to ask the planet what “pop” music is, what “rock” music is, and why the fuck anyone actually likes coldplay and james blunt?

the “outstanding contribution to music” kinda says it all really. Paul fucking Wellah. why is this man relevant to todays music? his music is the perfect example of everything that is wrong with music today. The fact that he leads in a sea of coldplay, james fucking blunt, the stereophonics (i noticed they didnt win anything, have they fallen out of favour now?), keane, and all the other BLAND, dull, dogshit bands out there at the moment. the sort of band bought by NME readers, and people who read the top 50 albums in Q magazine and think “oooh, i’d better go buy some of those immediately!” – the sort of person that hold dinner parties, owns dido CDs, and drives a ford mondeo.

I have nothing against dido. the term “inoffensive” springs to mind. She’s had a couple of corking tunes (“sand in my shoes” is my favourite) and the videos are extremely easy on the eye. She’s an immensely pretty lady. Its just the sort of people that buy her albums pisses me off. These are the sort of people that think (M)Anastasia is cutting edge.

The public are idiots, they shouldnt be allowed to vote. neither should the record industry, because they always go for the lowest common denominator bland trash that sells by the bucketload.


as for the pop band category. where were the sugababes and girls aloud? who the fuck thought letting james fucking blunt was a good idea?

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