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Where are they now? pt1 – Stakka Bo

I decided this morning that I don’t update this site nearly enough with my thoughts about music, in fact, in the last couple of years, i have hardly written about music. Finding some old reviews of mine gave me a push. I shall attempt from now on to write at least twice a week. hopefully more. Even if it is just posting classic videos, or old reviews.

Today, i plan on starting with “Here we go” by Stakka Bo. I was reminded of this the other day because i was searching for some info on the Army Of Lovers. A truly great band, and the precursor to modern “gay pop” such as Alcazar and B.W.O (both of them also being Alexander Bard projects!). Aaanyway, I discovered that La Camilla from AoL used to go out with Stakka Bo. what a fantastic, inbred little pop musical planet we live in!

So I dug out my CD Single of “Here we go” and immedaitely remembered how much I loved it at the time…

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, you can now track down old popstars and see what they are up to. This is part one of a new series of posts stalking popstars of old. (suggestions of future posts are welcome!) – Turns out it was quite easy finding old Stakka, he’s been a busy boy! Turns out I was subliminally aware of his recent work already.

“He has directed music videos for a number of artists including Kylie Minogue‘s “Love at First Sight“, All Saints‘ “Black Coffee“, Madonna‘s “Hung Up” and “Nothing Really Matters“, Robbie Williams‘s “Tripping” and “She’s Madonna“, The Libertines‘ “What Became of the Likely Lads“, Suede‘s “She’s in Fashion“, New Order‘s “Crystal“, Beyoncé Knowles‘ “Me, Myself and I“, The Knife‘s “Pass This On“, Fever Ray‘s “Seven” and Bat for Lashes‘ “Daniel“. In TV, has directed episode 205 from AMC’s “Breaking Bad””

Not only this, He has teamed up with Jonas Ackerlund to form “R.A.F.”


So there you have it. from “Here we go” to “Breaking Bad” in one easy blog post!

coming soon – Army Of Lovers, Pop! and Daphne & Celeste.

rihanna and her truly magical ass

last night, i DJed the rihanna gig at nottingham arena.

wow. it’s something else DJing to (somewhere in the region of) 10,000 people. TEN THOUSAND!

here’s how it looks when the place is empty…


heres where i was stood, stage left:


and here’s how the arena looks when it gets busy. its pretty much full apart from a few rows right at the back/top of the arena…


anyway, it seemed to go ok, i played it pretty safe (mutya&winehouse, grandmaster flash, jackson 5, the faders) but people were dancing. which is all that matters.

rihanna was great.


i spent most of the gig stood at the front, either to the side, or right up front in the pit area…


isnt that a truly magical ass?

and here she is on the video screen above my head 🙂

i “bumped” into her in the corridor backstage after the gig, and she’s quite a bit shorter than i thought she would be, but damn, what an ass. and my god, she can sing!

anyway, that was my night. how was yours?

next “normal” clubnight – rescue rooms, saturday 12th januray. its our second birthday. I’m going to try and make it a special one, if you have any thoughts on what we can do, please shout up!

be in mutya’s new video!

Groove Armada feat Mutya Buena video shoot. Come down!
Kick start your summer. Have your moment in the new Groove Armada video (Featuring Mutya). You the crowd are the stars of this video. Everyone gets there chance to shine in the sun and on camera in this recreation of a summer festival. Party the day at Finsbury park (15th May – 9am -8pm) Refreshments provided. Crowd surfing optional.

(Everyone who comes down will get there chance in the front row.)

The Location is Finsbury Park in North London. To get there jump on the Victoria or Piccadilly line, your choice, just a few stop north of Kings Cross.

We will be awaiting you just inside the North Gates of the Park, close to the exit of the underground ( see map).

O.K, so the important contact details for the event if you need any further info, and to register your interest…..



we arent stalking her. although we probably would if we had the opportunity 🙂

linsday lohan

Lohan gets stitched up after teacup accident
Actress-singer needs 10 stitches after cutting leg with broken cup

Lindsay Lohan was taken to a London hospital on Friday after an accident at singer Bryan Adams’ mansion, Access Hollywood has learned.

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