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Roadie / Apprentice needed

I DJ clubs, weddings and other events, and just recently have had a bit of a back injury, so am unable to do the heavy lifting that comes as part of the job… so i need some help!


wanted – roadie to occasionally load in speakers/lighting equipment to venues around the nottingham area.

ideal candidate will be:

trustworthy (and if possible, someone i know already!)
reliable. turn up early or on time every time or i’m not interested!
in the central notts (ideally sherwood) area
have a full driving licence
have their own car (the larger the better!)
be able to easily carry a PA system and lighting equipment into venues (sometime upstairs)

work would mostly be on fridays and saturdays with occasional weeknight work, and involve pickup of the kit from sherwood and loading into venues (usaully) no more than 30 minutes drive from nottingham city centre. this would usually be sometime between 5pm and 7pm) – after load in is complete, they would then be free to go home to do whatever they like until later in the evening – turn up at the end of the night (usually 12am, sometimes 1am. not very often it is later) and transport the kit back to sherwood.

on occasion you may be required to store that kit overnight at your own house for drop off in sherwood the next day, or possibly on occasion, the kit can be picked up from the venue the next morning (usally between 9am and 12noon, depending on the venue and what is arranged in advance)

basically, flexibility is needed!

if you dont have a large car, then we could always load it in mine (with some of the kit in yours should it not all fit in mine)

in return, you get….

paid! its not great money, but it will more than cover expenses and your time. this would be dependant on the amount of kit and time involved, and would be discussed should you be interested in the role!

and if you are interested, you can learn the ropes, how to set up all of the equipment, and how to DJ!… if you progress to a suitable level, you could provide cover for work i turn down due to already being booked, or do occasional club work (a couple of hours at the rescue rooms, or if i’m on holiday, maybe the full night!). who knows? if you do well enough, you could always start taking on gigs of your own so could expand!

right now, this is likely to be maybe a couple of hours once or twice a month, but could end up being a lot more regular in future as the businaees grows and bigger gigs start coming in.

HOWTO: DIY StarCloth for DJing


I’ve been thinking for a while about making my own starcloth. partly because i’m trying to save money, partly because i wanted one a different size to the standard (i wanted it to work on my deckstand – currently got the 1.7m ultimax, but want to get the 1.2m middle sections for use at smaller gigs) as well as on the massive table at my main residency.

so i ordered a couple of sets of LED lights from ebay (£13 for 2x 10m sets) and went to the market in our local shopping centre to have a look for some material.

in the end, i went for 4 metres of black material a bit like my smart work trousers, it wasnt too thick, but it was thick enough to completely hide all the cabling inside. cost me £4 per metre (so £16)

the plan was to cut small holes, poke the LED through then cover the led in hot glue to attach it to the back of the cloth. one set of lights per “side”, then fold it in half and use velcro to attach the two sides together.

i got a set of white LEDs and a set of multicoloured LEDs. both controlled by a button press on a box at the end of the cable run (each press cycles it through a set of 8 preset patterns).

1x10m white LEDs (£6.50)
1x10m multicolour LEDs (£6.50)
4m black cloth (£16)
strips of stick backed velcro (not bought this yet)

hot glue gun (already owned, but cost about £6)
3 packs of glue sticks (£6)
pair of sharp scissors

so far it has cost me £35 for a double-sided 2m length starcloth that can be opened out to a single sided 4m one (albeit one half white, one multicoloured)

the material (side 1) with the LEDs laid out on top

one of the LEDs attached to the back with hot glue

one of the LEDs that have been glued down poking through the other side

a few of the glued LEDs

after the first half is completed and the lights turned out

and here it is in action cycling through the various patterns…

(it is on the table, so doesnt show the full length – i’ll be properly road-testing it this weekend)

tonight (hopefully), i will be mostly attaching the second set of LEDs and getting some velcro to stick it all together.

future plans include wiring the two sets together to use one control box with a switch on to select which is in use (or both) all powered from one mains socket. also i want to get the edges sewn up neater and some way of attaching it to things (belt loops round the top or something


ok, didnt get much time last night to work on it, so only managed to finish off the first set of lights.

sorry for the piss-poor photos, damned phone doesnt have a flash.

front of side 1

and the back. all lights glued in, with the links between each light glued down to make it a bit more secure and robust

front of side 1 in action when laid out on the sofa

off out tonight, so not likely to be doing anything with it, but hopefully will do some more on friday/saturday before i get to use it. at the very least, ill attach the velcro to make it nice and neat when doubled over. should hopefully be getting some decent photos of my whole rig for my new website this weekend.

and heres the second set of lights ready to go in (these ones are multicolour instead of plain white)

howto hack your kindle to run Zork! (and change screensavers)

I recently bought a shiny new amazon Kindle 3. Whilst originally wary of e-readers (“it’s a poor man’s ipad!” scoffed several friends) I have become a complete convert to the truly wonderful e-ink display. PDF support so far has been great, and I am mostly using it for reading technical books whilst at work, and on the toilet – I have all the oracle university books I need, as well as a load of IBM redbooks related to stuff I’m working on like Websphere and AIX.

Anyway, the device has a major flaw in my opinion, and that is some truly ugly “screensaver” images. They are of classic authors, which is fair enough if you like that sort of thing, but I don’t. I’m a geek. I’ve read a couple of orwell books and one dickens. I have no interest in Jane Austin or Virginia Woolf. none…

So when I couldnt find out how to customize the screensaver by fiddling with the device, i turned to Google (as you do) and this is where I learned that to be able to change these images, you had to jailbreak the device!

This is a really simple process, just a matter of copying a few files to the device, updating the firmware, and rebooting a couple of times. As a geek, I’m still frustrated by the way manufacturers try and lock you into only being able to do what THEY want with their kit… beit the iphone (or any apple idevice for that matter) the PS3, and now the kindle. argh! not everyone who wants to hack their devices wants to specifically load it full of illegal or questionable content. some of us just want to be able to do MORE with the device (I recently also bought an appletv2 in the hope that a well-built, tiny, economic media device will be able to do more than advertised – thanks to greenpo1son and limera1n, it is looking like that is possible. but more on that in another post once something useful happens)

I found out today that jailbreaking the device also lets you add some really cool stuff, like the ZORK text adventure! seriously… build this functionality into the devices, and you will open it up to a world of geeks like me who just buy things to be able to do cool stuff on it, you’ll sell more devices, and everyone ends up happy.

ok, so to jailbreak the device and be able to change the screensaver, check out the guide at

(takes 5 minutes, and as long as you are comfortable copying a file to the usb storage on the kindle, anyone can do it)

and to install zork and a plethora of other infocom games, follow this guide – – again, it is just a matter of copying a few files to the device, doing a “firmware update” and rebooting. once completed, you have a new “book” on your device, that then lets you load zork or any of the other games.

brilliant. more of this please. and hopefully soon, i’ll be making another post on how to fully unlock the potential of the new appletv so you can run movies off your NAS device without being tied to the atrocity that is itunes (as a linux desktop user, i dont even have the option of running itunes FFS!)

spotify setlists

another few spotified setlists are now available

melange@thehubb, may 2010

mmmha! sat 11th sept 2010

60s/pop/retirement party (private function)

and a few from the archives…
great escape indie night may 2004 @rescuerooms

sold out @ spiders

Bar 7 DJ Setlist – Sat 8th May 2004

white hart 15 apr 2005 (witewulf ‘s 30th birthday)

a few songs are missing from each playlist, and a couple of songs have been subsituted for alternative versions (including a laughable burger king radio style cover of EXAMPLE’s “watch the sun come up” – seriously spotify… is there really any need to substitute songs like that?)
anyway, it should give you a good overview of what got played. hope you enjoy them! I’ll be doing more over the coming weeks. for some older sets, check the spotify category over there —>

Crack Whitney vs. Liberty X

I was just reading about a new whitney houston tune called “for the lovers” and immediately wondered if it was a cover of the Liberty X song. A quick google revealed that In the 4 years since Liberty X released it, the song had changed it’s name to “song 4 lovers” (it wasn’t my mistake, they changed the song name, dammit!)

Anyway, after listening to whitney’s song, i put on the “original” version. even though it isn’t a cover, the Original Liberty X version is infinitely better. what do you think?



Liberty X

I’m glad this brought back memories of liberty X. they were mostly poor, but had a few truly great songs, this one included

#bringbackAIRHEAD – SPIKE Peel session tracks

After the demise of the mighty AIRHEAD back in the early 90’s, Michael and Sam (vocals and drums respectively) went off and formed a band called SPIKE. they did a Peel Session in 1994 for the much-missed Johm Peel on radio 1. But it wasnt until a couple of years ago that Marc Riley played three of the four tracks on his BBC 6music show (I was the one who requested them!)

Anyway, here they are in all their glory. all three tracks were recorded directly to PC via a Psion Wavefinder USB DAB receiver. they were originally saved in mp2 format, but i have cut the tracks down to just the intro talk and the songs and converted to mp3.

Please don’t directly link to the mp3 files, link to this post instead. That way, if they end up moving somewhere, the links will be up to date. Also, it will help other people find the songs when searching google for them if places link back to here. If you are a member of the band, or own the copyright to these long lost songs, and you dont want them up here (or want credit/etc), please get in touch via the comments section

Spike (ex. AIRHEAD) – Peel Session

Track 1 – Obsession
Track 3 – Play Away
Track 4 – Like You Do

(links updated feb 2018)

03/10/1994 – Spike

  • TX – 05/11/1994
  • Producer – Mike Robinson
  • Engineer – Lisa Softley
  • Studio – Maida Vale 4
  • Obsession
  • Love & War
  • Play Away
  • Like You Do
  • Michael Wallis (Lead vocals, Guitar)
  • Doug Hollands (Lead guitar)
  • Jason Hobart (Bass)
  • Sam Kesteven (Drums)

make sure you check AIRHEAD ONLINE for more info on the band, and the campaign to get them to re-release BOING!
There is also a twitter campaign to get the band to reform for a gig or two. Iain Lee is behind us, let’s see if we get anywhere. the hashtag you want to be looking for is #bringbackairhead

New Lo Fidelity Allstars material

finally! after what seems like an eternity, the new LoFi Allstars stuff is coming out.

theres a download single via amazon

as well as as FREE download track off the new album:

Lo Fidelity Allstars – On My Mind
Free download
A stand-out track from the forthcoming album “Northern Stomp” available as a free mp3 download to everybody for a limited time – get it while you can!
Simply send an email to
and we’ll send you a link to download the track.

The album is out in july

Amy Grant – She colors my day EP

She Colors My DayThe new Amy Grant EP has been released, and it’s lovely. Apparently over the coming months, Amy will be releasing a bunch of new material as download-only tunes. I can’t wait, and am already waiting for yet more new material!

<A HREF=”” mce_HREF=””> Widgets</A>


the question is… WHAT IS THE QUESTION!

my question? whats the bass bit from? about 1:30 in… is it a chemical brothers ripoff? its something like chemicals, fluke, early fatboy slim. what was that racing game where you drove a thing with big wheels that let you flip over and carry on driving? it was like wipeout, but with a flippable buggy thing. had a big beat soundtrack. i think the song scooter rip off was on the soundtrack

I cant believe they slid another new scooter album underneath my nose so soon after the last one. two albums in under a year. wow. thats productive. but i suppose when you are on a roll making stadium house happy hardcore techno music like the KLF you just milk it and stick it all out there for the world to enjoy. Oh, and sheffield dave still looks the same age as he did 15 years ago. wtf is that all about?


its “life is sweet” by the chemical bros ft tim burgess – still cant think of the computer game though