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danny not to leave mcfly….

ok, so a press release has been issued to say the sun’s article about danny out of mcfly wanting out was nonce-sense.

clicky for CDUK article

what interested me mostly though was this little nugget…

2006 will see McFly star in a Hollywood movie “Just My Luck” alongside Lindsay Lohan “

new lindsay lohan movies are a big enough of a deal, but with the added bonus of mcfly? im sensing its oscar time here! woo!

bandslash fanfic porn

have you ever wondered what goes on backstage with your favourite male band members? I havent, but friend-of-poptunes Lucy has. so-much-co she got featured in this weeks NME (stay tuned for a whole ‘nother rant about this.. but that can wait)… she spends far too much time reading and writing about indieboys and them getting it on with one another.
lucy fanslash

think i may have to go find me some featuring lisa scott-lee, rachel stevens, lindsay lohan, and all of girls aloud in some sort of custard-filled lezzo goofest. (yes, ill even let ginger nicola join in the fun if she wants to)

click the link if you want to read the whole article