Emo: what’s that all about then ?

Emo seems to have been around for a while, I mean Bullet for my Valentine, My Chemical Romance, Lost Prophets and all those other crappy pseudo-metal/pseudo-pun bands that appeal to whining teenagers and students whose parents won’t buy them a pony. I don’t get it. Hopefully, it’s because it is in fact, just another stupid teen genre created by record labels and not the fact that I’m getting old and have seen countless NME-labelled musical sub-genres over the years that have lasted barely long enough for the t-shirt to fade.

I think it’s getting harder and harder to rebel as teenagers because everything has been done before. Over the years, kids have taken harder and harder drugs, watched more and more violent movies and listend to increasingly offensive lyrics backed by ever louder and more cacophonic music. Teenagers these days are the children of people my age who have done all of this already. Parents in their thirties these days are more liberal and open than ever, what chance do the kids have of offending their parents. Eyeliner, stupid hair and a t-shirt with swear words on is a bit old hat but they think they’re the first generation to do it. I’m sure I thought I was rebellious when I was that age too. I was. But so were people of my parents generation. Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, The Who – none of whom were classed as conformist or ‘safe’ by my Grandfathers generation, and to a certain extent, they still are pretty underground bands that you can hear played at alternative nights across the country.

Emo is a movement populated by a misunderstood generation. Wrong. Teenagers have never been understood better. High street shops sell clothes marketed in an emo style, Apple do emo-styled ads for iPods, every major record lable has a four piece guitar band with piercings, sleeve tattoos, skinny jeans and stripy t-shirts. No such thing as indie anymore.

It probably is because I’m getting old. I don’t like the bands. They’re too manufactured, over-produced and in-your-face marketed. Their whole lifestyle is projected at you on the point of million dollar marketing campaigns. The companies behind which know their demographic to the inch because they’ve thrown even more money at image consultants, market researchers and clever merchandisers. This is not a dynamic, spontaneous youth movement, it’s carefully constructed and executed with meticulous, painstaking care by corporations in it solely for the money.

Having said all that, the main reason I dislike emo is because of the stupid haircuts and the shit music..

Just in case you like ’emo’, here’s some links. If you don’t like ’emo’ go along and laugh.

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7 thoughts on “Emo: what’s that all about then ?”

  1. not every person is emo becasue they didnt get a pony! A friend of mine is emo,and she has a reson to be. she hasnt seen her mom in years, one of her friends has thoat cancer, shes never had any love at all from her parents, her brother is a druggie, shes doing bad in school, her friends parents hate her, her teachers hate her, shes had a bad life. if someones emo, its because they have a reason.

  2. I agree with Carrie. I’ve been an emo for YEARS, i’m not a band wagon jumper. My parents died in a hovercraft crash in 1986, and before that they used to beat me with household implements, regularly. My sister trained the dog to ‘sick’ me and my foster parents anally abused me for 7 years.

    My job sucks. My boss makes me clean the dogger off his shoes, and i’m generally treated poorly just because i spent some time in the clink for ‘attempted child molestation’ – ATTEMPTED! i DIDN’T DO ANYTHING! Never got the chance, the po po were already onto me.

    What friends i do have belittle me because of my appearence and lack of social skills and the only place i find any sort of solace is in the internet or in my Taking Back Sunday records.


  3. Hi Carrie,

    It’s not a literal pony. It’s a metaphor.

    I’m not sure why your friend would be emo because of that. I’m sure a lot of people suffer misfortune in their lives but don’t necessarily become ’emo’. That just happens to be a style of music and dress that appeals to them. They could just as easily have got into classical, country and western or blues music – there’s an awful lot of heartbreak in those styles of music too. It’s just that emo is an easy and accessible alternative sub-genre at the moment.

    I’m not sure your friend would appreciate her problems being aired in public either. Or maybe they would. Who knows. Emo music, in my opinion, still sucks.

  4. This is depressing me, excuse me whilst I go self harm in my bedroom (where I’ sit on MSN all night).

    EMO music does suck big balls, mainly because it doesn’t have any.

  5. I’m a school nurse & you wouldn’t believe how many of the “emo” kids cut. They call themselves “emo,” by the way. We’ve sent at least a dozen kids to the local psychiatric hospital for self-injury and suicidal ideation just during this school year. About 90% of those kids were self identified “emo” kids. I was pretty confused about the whole “emo” thing until one of the kids showed me the website http://whatisemo.bravehost.com/. Once I saw that site, I understand the issue much better; please take the time to view this and protect yourself and your loved ones.

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