gwen sodding stefani

just heard “wind it up” by Gwen Stefani (her new tune)

wow. it really is a crap fergie b-side, isnt it?

did her “muses” tell her to emulate pop’s finest old solo slag?

in other news, “irreplaceable” by beyonce is my new favourite song.

2 thoughts on “gwen sodding stefani”

  1. i really agree with first the yodelling introduction to wind up had me worrying if it was another crazy frog single…but no,it was the pete burns look alike gwen ‘tranny’stefani..AAAHHHH!It’s the return of the lady-boy botherer his/her/itself!I wonder if the 4 japanese transvestites that the gwent-shot hangs around with buggered the lonely goatherd’s goats…

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