“it’s Britney, bitch….”

the new Britney Spears single “Gimme more” is GREAT!

it proves that even though she’s a mental, she can still come up with the goods. I’m now *really* looking forward to her album.

however, its still not nearly as good as “About you now” by the sugababes. Or “song 4 mutya” by Mutyarmada… but I think it’s easily as good as “sexy no no no” by Girls Aloud.

One thought on ““it’s Britney, bitch….””

  1. I think she is an American superhero, and ugly people, bi non-believers, old people, tiny people, haters and gang-bangers and ho’s and foreigners should all look themselves in the mirror and worry about other people, for the time of the superior black, blonde, jewish Southern Americans revolution is here, and it is only a matter of time until we own the system. If you hate hot people who only hurt themselves or hateful hypocrites’ feelings, then you need to love it or leave it. Jah and Goddess Bless Americans, and may God forever bless the South and may Anna Nicole and Eazy E bless all American atheists who are normal enough to be alcoholic and not buy in to commie media terrorism. I think you bi’s need to stop bangin’ and spyin’ on us before it’s too late. Shalom to the South and the pac10

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