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Lohan gets stitched up after teacup accident
Actress-singer needs 10 stitches after cutting leg with broken cup

Lindsay Lohan was taken to a London hospital on Friday after an accident at singer Bryan Adams’ mansion, Access Hollywood has learned.

Lindsay was having tea after just getting out of the shower when she apparently dropped the ceramic teacup, which shattered and cut a gash on her shin.

The actress reportedly required 10 stitches but is now doing fine, according to her spokesperson.

“It was afternoon in London and she was having tea after she had a shower. She had lotion on and the cup slipped shattered and cut her. She got stitches and is fine. No drama back at work this week,” her spokesperson told Access Hollywood.

Unfortunately for Lindsay, this wasn’t her first trip to the hospital this month. The teen queen was admitted to a Miami hospital in early January after suffering a severe asthma attack.