mmmHA! october setlist

FOR ONE MONTH ONLY! – special guest DJ nikmo

4-Hero – Mr Kirks Nightmare
Clark – See See
Mogwai -Batcat
June Of 44 – Sink Busted
Liar – Mr your fire Mr
Dinosaur Jr. – Little Fury Thing
Sebadoh – Two Years Two Days
Revco – Beer Steers
Chemical Brothers – Block Rockin Beats
Dabrye – Hyped Up Plus Tax (People here)
Wildhearts – Liberty Cap
Skid Row – Phycho Therapy (request)
Sioiuxie and the Bansees – Cities of dust
(It’s not qite 11)
Arab strap – The start of the big (okay it’s almost 11)
Basement Jaxx – Red Alert (shit theres people dancing)
Girls alound – Sound of the underground
House of Pain – Jump Around
Daphe and Celeste – Ooh stick you
Outkast – Hey yai
Alice Deejay – better off alone
Sugarbabes – Overload
LFO – LFO (Well we need some bleep)
Proigy – Wind it up
Sugarbabes – girls (shit that was hard to find)
NERD – Everybody nose
Pussycat dolls – when i grow up
Sugarbabes – Push the button
Dizzee Rascal Calvin Harris – Dance wiv me

[12 in the a to the dot to the m]
Routes Manuva – Let the spirit
Public Enemy – Fighht the Power
Curtis Mayfield – Mobve on Up
Hot Chip – over and Over
MGMY – Kids (Soulwax)
Jackson 5 – ABC
Beastie Boys – So whatcha want (Soul assassin)
NWA – Express yourself
PE- Bring the noise
Snoop – Nutin but a thang
Anti-Pop – Ghostlawn
Underworld – Rez
Mr. Scruff – Get a move on
Baseman Jaxx – Romeo
Snoop Dog – Gin Juice

1 in the a to m

Ice Cube – One Nation
Stevie Wonder – Higher Ground
PE – Don’t believe the hype
Jurassic 5 -What’s Golden
NWA – Straight outa Crompton
Dead Kennedys – Reliious Vomit
Neil Young and Crazy Horse – Hey Hey (believe it or not they’re dancing)
MBV – When you wake ….
Pearl jam – Jeremy
Queens of the stoneage – feel good
ACDC – Back In Black
Black Sabbath – paranoid
Madonna – like a virgin
Chaka Demis & Plier- Twist and Shout
Destiny’s Child – Survivor
The Beatles – Magical Myst… (you know it)

[Well that be two then, i guess]

Sugar Hill Gang – Apache
Pixies – Gouge Away
Joy Devision – These Days (is it pop, I don’t think so)
Spaceman 3 – Losing touch with my mind
Abba – Dancing Queen
13th floor elevator – slip inside this house
Stone Roses – I am The Resurction (but what is that really worth,; nothing)
Nirvana – Sliver
Motorhead – Ace of Spades
Butthole Surfer – Graveyard
Rage against the machine – Bull in the parade
AFX- Children Talking
[last tune] Sebadoh – Soul and Fire (i’m tired i want to go home, but no one is sober enough to drive or or even have a license to go to manchester)