the question is… WHAT IS THE QUESTION!

my question? whats the bass bit from? about 1:30 in… is it a chemical brothers ripoff? its something like chemicals, fluke, early fatboy slim. what was that racing game where you drove a thing with big wheels that let you flip over and carry on driving? it was like wipeout, but with a flippable buggy thing. had a big beat soundtrack. i think the song scooter rip off was on the soundtrack

I cant believe they slid another new scooter album underneath my nose so soon after the last one. two albums in under a year. wow. thats productive. but i suppose when you are on a roll making stadium house happy hardcore techno music like the KLF you just milk it and stick it all out there for the world to enjoy. Oh, and sheffield dave still looks the same age as he did 15 years ago. wtf is that all about?


its “life is sweet” by the chemical bros ft tim burgess – still cant think of the computer game though