rihanna and her truly magical ass

last night, i DJed the rihanna gig at nottingham arena.

wow. it’s something else DJing to (somewhere in the region of) 10,000 people. TEN THOUSAND!

here’s how it looks when the place is empty…


heres where i was stood, stage left:


and here’s how the arena looks when it gets busy. its pretty much full apart from a few rows right at the back/top of the arena…


anyway, it seemed to go ok, i played it pretty safe (mutya&winehouse, grandmaster flash, jackson 5, the faders) but people were dancing. which is all that matters.

rihanna was great.


i spent most of the gig stood at the front, either to the side, or right up front in the pit area…


isnt that a truly magical ass?

and here she is on the video screen above my head 🙂

i “bumped” into her in the corridor backstage after the gig, and she’s quite a bit shorter than i thought she would be, but damn, what an ass. and my god, she can sing!

anyway, that was my night. how was yours?

next “normal” clubnight – rescue rooms, saturday 12th januray. its our second birthday. I’m going to try and make it a special one, if you have any thoughts on what we can do, please shout up!