Roadie / Apprentice needed

I DJ clubs, weddings and other events, and just recently have had a bit of a back injury, so am unable to do the heavy lifting that comes as part of the job… so i need some help!


wanted – roadie to occasionally load in speakers/lighting equipment to venues around the nottingham area.

ideal candidate will be:

trustworthy (and if possible, someone i know already!)
reliable. turn up early or on time every time or i’m not interested!
in the central notts (ideally sherwood) area
have a full driving licence
have their own car (the larger the better!)
be able to easily carry a PA system and lighting equipment into venues (sometime upstairs)

work would mostly be on fridays and saturdays with occasional weeknight work, and involve pickup of the kit from sherwood and loading into venues (usaully) no more than 30 minutes drive from nottingham city centre. this would usually be sometime between 5pm and 7pm) – after load in is complete, they would then be free to go home to do whatever they like until later in the evening – turn up at the end of the night (usually 12am, sometimes 1am. not very often it is later) and transport the kit back to sherwood.

on occasion you may be required to store that kit overnight at your own house for drop off in sherwood the next day, or possibly on occasion, the kit can be picked up from the venue the next morning (usally between 9am and 12noon, depending on the venue and what is arranged in advance)

basically, flexibility is needed!

if you dont have a large car, then we could always load it in mine (with some of the kit in yours should it not all fit in mine)

in return, you get….

paid! its not great money, but it will more than cover expenses and your time. this would be dependant on the amount of kit and time involved, and would be discussed should you be interested in the role!

and if you are interested, you can learn the ropes, how to set up all of the equipment, and how to DJ!… if you progress to a suitable level, you could provide cover for work i turn down due to already being booked, or do occasional club work (a couple of hours at the rescue rooms, or if i’m on holiday, maybe the full night!). who knows? if you do well enough, you could always start taking on gigs of your own so could expand!

right now, this is likely to be maybe a couple of hours once or twice a month, but could end up being a lot more regular in future as the businaees grows and bigger gigs start coming in.