simon and miquita to leave popworld :(


Simon and Miquita are going to leave the show this april. I dont know about anybody else, but I think this signals the end of the show. They started out shakily, but over the last five years have made it their own, and possibly the greatest ever music tv show to grace our TV screens. The show interviewed some popstars with the contempt they deserve… segments like “lemar from afar” were complete genius. what other tv show would dare to “interview” one of the most boring popstars of our time via loudhailer from the other side of a carpark? you just dont get that sort of quality on TOTP. and that is why it failed. TOTP pandered to record companies demands, fawning over the latest crap celebs with a shitty single to peddle, whereas popworld had the balls to show them for what they are. A lot of popstars just didnt “get it”… and were subsequently shown up for what they truly are. witness gwen stefani and her “muses”… wtf was that all about? she just came across as vacuous and so out of touch with reality, that she ended up looking like the retarded troll she is.

anyway, popworld will lose its greatest assets in april. i hope it recovers, but personally, i dont think it can 🙁

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