Singles of the Year ? (Part 2)

The Milkman has already put his favourites up, so in true poptunes style, I’m going to copy him. Here are my singles/albums of the year so far…

‘Banlieue 13’ by Da Octopusss from the Banlieue 13/District 13 soundtrack. The rest of the album is a load of French R&B and hip-hop. Depends what you like. This one’s an electro-breakbeat stomper !

‘Alright, Still’ by Lily Allen. Brilliant album remeniscent of The Streets, not a bad track on there. Criminally overlooked in the ’06 Mercury Awards.

‘Woman’ by Wolfmother. Band of the year by a country mile. Proper old-school psychedelic rock from this young Australian three-piece. Awesome live too.

‘Voodoo Child’ by Rogue Traders. Standout track and first single from a weak album. Yet another Neighbour strikes pop gold.

‘Kick Push’ by Lupe Fiasco. One of the best hip-hop tunes I’ve heard since Skee-Lo’s ‘I Wish’.

‘Black Holes and Revalations’ by Muse. A total choice cop-out, I know, but a great album and got me back into listening to Muse. Get hold of the Soulwax remix of ‘Muscle Museum’ if you can. Not on this album, but electro-pop genius anyway.

The Richard X remix of ‘Only’ by Nine Inch Nails. Both Trent and Richard X are geniuses. NIN’s recent album is a bit ‘I’ve got a girlfriend and loads of cash so I’ll make a happy album’ but he can be forgiven for that, and Richard X can do no wrong. Everything he touches is pop gold. Even the slightly dodgy version of ‘Walk On By’ featuring the vocal talents of Deborah Evans-Strickland from 80’s one-hit-wonders The Flying Lizards is a huge grower.

The Speedball Mix of Therapy’s ‘Cocaine Eyes’. Not actually released, but remixed for Therapy by a mate of mine, DJ Razorcuts, who has also done an awesome mix for US electro-pop songstress, Ghhrfy.

Other honorable mentions should include the new Cut Chemist album, which I’ve posted about here previously, and also the two new Mike Patton Projects, General Patton vs The X-Ecutioners and Peeping Tom which, as you would expect from Mike Patton, range from the awesome right through the musical spectrum to the downright barmy.

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