singstar/guitar hero for the 2008 generation

i was just watching some music channels when i saw “elvis aint dead” by scouting for piss. it was one of those bits on the channel with the signing for the deaf people “singing”

here’s a screenshot. she looked like anne widdecombe in a freaky orange dress…
signed by the box

anyway, it got me thinking… this shit could be the new hit playstation game!

you can get eye toys/webcams for most consoles now, why not make use of them and create a singstar type game? but you arent doing the singing… you’re doing the signing! the webcam analyses your movements eyetoy-style, and you get points for making the correct hand gestures. plus you get to see yourself on the music video. not necesarily in an orange dress!

sod it, combine singstar, guitar hero, and the eyetoy, and different players could all sing, jam and sign together. its a winner, i tells thee.

oh yeah, its popnight’s second birthday this saturday (12th). rescue rooms, 10-3am. its gonna be a big one. its where all the pretty ladies come to dance. come and bogle to a nice bit of aswad*

*i dont play aswad, youll have to bogle to snoop dogg instead.