SPIKE! (from the ashes of Airhead)

oh my god.
i FUCKING LOVE marc riley!

a few weeks ago, i emailed him to ask if theres any chance of digging up the spike peel session from 1994 that i’d never heard…. they were formed from the ashes of AIRHEAD (my all-time favourite band), they did a peel session (which i found out about a few years ago) and then disappeared.

thank god for being on lates on valentines day, otherwise i would have never known!

he played one song earlier (and read out my email) and hopefully there will be a couple more before the ned of the show in an hour and a half (BBC6music if you want to listen in!)

i have a recording so far. i shall be editing it down. oh yes!

i’m grinning like a twat right now. i cant believe after all these years, i finally get to hear some spike! and it’s every bit as wonderful as i imagined it to be!