spotify setlists

another few spotified setlists are now available

melange@thehubb, may 2010

mmmha! sat 11th sept 2010

60s/pop/retirement party (private function)

and a few from the archives…
great escape indie night may 2004 @rescuerooms

sold out @ spiders

Bar 7 DJ Setlist – Sat 8th May 2004

white hart 15 apr 2005 (witewulf ‘s 30th birthday)

a few songs are missing from each playlist, and a couple of songs have been subsituted for alternative versions (including a laughable burger king radio style cover of EXAMPLE’s “watch the sun come up” – seriously spotify… is there really any need to substitute songs like that?)
anyway, it should give you a good overview of what got played. hope you enjoy them! I’ll be doing more over the coming weeks. for some older sets, check the spotify category over there —>