sugababes v3.0 version of red dress

red dress sleeve

better than the original? not really.

much different? apart from emmamelle’s pronunciation of “cooler” at the start of the song, there isnt *that* much difference.

does it signal the end of the ‘babes? god no! this is possibly their finest song to date, with any luck v3.0 will be around for at least another album or two

this song is one of the best pop songs of 2006. i guarantee it will still be one of the best by the end of the year. like “push the button” was one of the best singles in 2005.

lets see if Girls Aloud can compete (i like “whole lotta history”, but its no “red dress” beater!)… i do hope they try 🙂

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  1. At least they got rid of that dog Muttya…jeesh, I know the Great Book of Pop says you always have to have one reasonably unattractive member with some musical talent (see: Garry Barlow) but she was just taking the piss. Thing is, ‘Sugababes’ (ever heard of the Definite Article, girls?) should really have twice as much musical talent as they’ve got [b]two[/b] rough’uns on board now and only one stand out bit of eye candy, but this certainly doesn’t show in the pap they put out on CD.

  2. no no no,
    very very UGLY GIRL. i don’t know what’s wrong with you people who say that you like the sugababes.

    first of all, they’re ugly. with the exception of the blonde. face facts… they’re all chat dogs. ok? anyone who says they’re beautiful or all right, get some glasses because you’re weak and stupid.

    secondly, they’re ugliness is in no way nullified by any singing talent. their voices are sub par and not anything to sell at all.

    next, lyrics? puh, “ugly” has to be one of the most pretentious and pathetic lyrics i’ve heard ever.

    all you who say that the sugababes are a good group, what is wrong with you? take for example the spice girls who were cute and could actually sing, then the pussycat dolls who make great dance music and are HOT as, atomic kitten do nice covers and any other girl group is better. GOD, let’s try and back away from the outdated 13 year old minds ok? and get some actual good music… you can’t go by some guns n roses, eminem, christina aguilera… ANYTHING BUT THIS SHIT

  3. doradiamond, youre wrong!

    i cant even be bothered to formulate a proper reply about their looks, youre just *wrong*

    pussycat dolls “hot as”?!?!! ugh, they are nearly all grim slappers, and the album is mostly shite.

    atomic kitten were good to begin with, then they went into dull as fuck “ballad mode”

    as for GnR. they ceased to be relevant 15 years ago. *wrong*

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