Tweedy accuses All Saints of copying

I think the new All saints song is *brilliant*

no, its not original. who cares? GA arent purveyors of originality either. besides, its their own fault for releasing a greatest hits instead of a proper album (same for the sugababes)… this year its up to frank and all saints to bring the noise.

original article
Cheryl Tweedy has accused All Saints of copying Girls Aloud.

The outspoken singer believes that the group’s new sound is unoriginal and is furious that so many bands from the past are choosing to reunite.

“The new All Saints sound just sounds like us,” Tweedy complained. “They must have looked at what’s working at the moment and thought we’ll go that way, but the whole reuniting band thing at the moment is driving me insane.”

Cheryl’s bandmate Kimberley Walsh added: “Good luck to them, I hope they stay friends this time.”