why i hate myspace….

there are lots of reasons i hate myspace. yes i am a member, but it doesnt stop me from hating almost everything about it.

yes, its a repository for camwhores, goths, drama queens and spastics, and the music side of things is pretty good, but the bad points outweigh the good parts by far.

so heres a list of what is currently wrong with myspace:

  • almost everyone is “tom’s friend” which breaks the whole social networking side of things (meaning EVERYONE is in your extended network)
  • the aforementioned repository for camwhores, goths, drama queens and spastics
  • everyone and their dog has music on their pages, its not been this bad for web design since the late 90s when everyone had a bad midi file playing! or even worse… video files…. or the criminal act of SEVERAL fucking videos at once!
  • are some people blind? do they not realise that complex background images are a truly retarded idea? especially when you dont set a plain background for the text box areas. look at this example:
  • why myspace needs to die

(click for fullsize atrocity – names have been blurred out to protect the innocent)

  • band who add you because they want to plug their badly recorded dogshit at the widest possible audience. bands so terrible that if their demo cd dropped through your letterbox you would return to sender – addressee not known at this address. why in gods name would i want a black metal band adding me? its not like they read the profiles and think “ooh, he shares a lot of common interests, lets get in touch!”… no. they see i am from nottingham, and have rock city in my friendslist and decide to spam me with their shitty dirge, even though i specifically state that i dont want bands i dont know adding me unless they actually think i might like them, and if this is the case, message me first. i’m now a big fan of the DENY button. sometimes, if i am bored, i will message them back and rant. one band ended up having a nice chat with me about stuff, and eventually i added them. nice bunch of people, shame about their music.
  • i thought LJ was the place for camwhores and sulky teenagers, but myspace adds a whole new dimansion, with LJ you are fairly restricted in what you can do to your page, whereas in myspace, you can add every single item of html-breaking code you want, as well as a thousand different CPU and bandwidth-hungry little “customisations”… some pages crash my browser(s) completely, others just lock it up for long periods of time. either way, i write them off as a clueless fucking idiot who needs taking out back and shooting – i thought geocities homepages (and more recently moonfruit) were where all the kids with no clue of style and design go… these days, you are more likely to find them on myspace, thanks to the proliferation of “codes” sites that give you these processor-locking buttons, videos, memes, music, and the rest of the dogshit associated with it all.

i could carry on ranting, but its midnight, and if i dont go have a glass of wine, i fear i may turn into an angry pumpkin.